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Mouse Development, Stem Cells & Cancer

  December 06, 2011  
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
June 6 - 26, 2012

This intensive laboratory and lecture course is designed for biologists interested in using mouse models to study mammalian development, stem cells and cancer. Lectures provide the conceptual basis for contemporary research in embryogenesis, organogenesis, embryonic, adult and induced pluripotent stem cells and cancer biology. Laboratory practicals provide extensive hands-on introduction to engineering of mouse models, phenotyping and stem cell technologies. Experimental techniques to be covered include isolation, in vitro culture and manipulation of pre- and post-implantation embryos, embryo transfer, genetic manipulation of embryonic stem cells, production of chimeras by embryo aggregation and by embryonic stem cell injection, and transgenesis by pronuclear microinjection. The course will also introduce the generation and differentiation of embryonic stem cells as well as induced pluripotent stem cells, isolation of mouse embryonic fibroblasts, focus formation assay, teratoma formation assay, time-lapse microscopy of early embryos and organ cultures. In addition, this year's practicals will feature increased emphasis on phenotypic analysis of mutants, including vibratome and cryosectioning, in situ hybridization, immunostaining, skeletal preparation, tissue recombination, confocal and ultrasound imaging.
Organized by: Jamie Rivera-Perez, Kat Hadjantonakis,, Xin Sun, Randi Johnson
Invited Speakers: 2011 Speakers:
Richard Behringer, The University of Texas/M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Blanche Capel, Duke University Medical Center
Ann Foley, Weill Cornell Medical College
Alexandra Joyner, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Monica Justice, Baylor College of Medicine
Robin Lovell-Badge, MRC National Institute for Medical Research
Terry Magnuson, UNC-Chapel Hill
Andrew McMahon, Harvard University
Andras Nagy, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mt. Sinai Hospital
Larysa Pevny, University of North Carolina
Elizabeth Robertson, University of Oxford
Janet Rossant, The Hospital for Sick Children
Michael Shen, Columbia University Medical Center
Davor Solter, Institute of Medical Biology
Philippe Soriano, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Lori Sussel, Columbia University
Patrick Tam, Children's Medical Research Institute
Paul Trainor, Stowers Institute for Medical Reseach
Daniel Turnbull, New York University Medical Center
Deadline for Abstracts: March 15, 2012





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