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Technology Transfer

  February 27, 2010  
PharmaTraining, Window Conference Centre, Islington, London
19 & 20 May 2010

Day 1

Why Transfer Technology?
         • Pharmaceutical Product Life Cycle
                   o Development
                   o Innovative
                   o Mature
                   o Generic
         • Product Transfers and Technology Transfers
                   o IP
                   o Technology
                   o Techniques
Regulatory Considerations
         • Registration Procedures
                   o Europe
                   o Non-European
         • Variation Procedures
                   o Types of Variations
                   o Advantages and Disadvantages

Day 2

Technical Challenges

         • Manufacturing processes
         • Validation
         • Stability
         • Packaging processes
Logistical Challenges
         • Label Changes
                  o Text
                  o Physical
         • Timing
                  o Project Plan
                  o Phase in/out
Human Challenges
         • Push versus Pull
         • Team membership and team roles
         • Cross-Cultural Issues
         • Progress Reporting and breaking bad news
Organized by: PharmaTraining
Invited Speakers: Chris Barnett, CMBarnett Pharma Services Ltd
Deadline for Abstracts: N/A
Registration: Register on website
E-mail: judy@pharma-training-courses.com
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