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Genetics and molecular pathology of age related neurodegenerative diseases

  January 14, 2010  
European Genetics Foundation, “EuroMediterranean University Center” of Ronzano (Bologna)
March 29-31, 2010

Monday, March 29th

Morning session: PRION DISEASE
9:00: P. Gambetti, Introduction of the course and Neuropathology of prion diseases

09:45: O. Bugiani, Clinical features of prion diseases.

10:30: Coffee break

11:00: P. Gambetti, Genetics of prion diseases

11:45: P. Parchi, Molecular pathology of prion diseases

13:00: Lunch break

Afternoon session: PARKINSON DISEASE

14:30: M. G. Spillantini, Molecular pathology of Parkinson disease

15:15: T. Revesz, Neuropathology of Parkinson disease

16:00: Coffee break

16:30: L. Middleton, Clinical features of Parkinson disease

17:15: V. Carelli, Genetics of Parkinson disease

Tuesday, March 30th

Morning session: ALZHEIMER DISEASE

9:00: L. Middleton, Clinical features of Alzheimer disease

09:45: O. Bugiani, Special issues in Genome Wide Association Studies

10:30: Coffee break

11:00: F. Tagliavini , Molecular pathology of Alzheimer disease

11:45: F. Fornai, Genetics of Alzheimer disease

13:00: Lunch break


14:30: D. Schiffer, Neuropathology of ALS

15:15: F. Salvi, Clnical of ALS

16:00: Coffee break

16:30: G. Soraru, t.b.d.

17:15: G. Cenacchi, ALS and muscle regeneration

Wednesday, March 31st

Morning session:

Session dedicated to research project in the field of neurodegenerative pathologies, presented by participants.

13:00: Lunch break

Departure after lunch


Organized by: European Genetics Foundation
Invited Speakers: O. Bugiani (Milan, Italy), V. Carelli (Bologna, Italy), G. Cenacchi (Bologna, Italy), F. Fornai (Pisa, Italy), P. Montagna (Bologna, Italy), P. Parchi (Bologna, Italy), T. Revesz (London, Uk), F. Salvi (Bologna, Italy), D. Schiffer (Turin, Italy), G. Soraru (Padua, Italy), M. G. Spillantini (Cambridge, UK), F. Tagliavini (Milan, Italy).


Deadline for Abstracts: N.A.


E-mail: serena.greco@eurogene.org
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