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Quality Control and Flavor Usage in Foods

  March 09, 2009  
The Center for Professional Advancement, 90 Minute Accredited Online Training
April 23, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Who Should Attend
This is course is designed for all members of the food industry that use or purchase flavors, or are interested in how they are made, including those that are in R&D, purchasing, production, management and marketing.

This 90-minute accredited training is an in-depth analysis of the nature of flavors. Flavors are viewed by many as one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of a successful food product. When using flavors it is important to understand how they are made and how they are regulated so decisions that can affect a product's outcome can be made with intelligence and confidence. Issues that are crucial in today's market will be reviewed, including Natural, GMO, Organic, Allergens, Terrorism and NLEA labeling as they revolve around flavors and the end product are also discussed. Sensory evaluation techniques are reviewed as well as flavor stability, emulsion technology, fats and citrus oil stabilization techniques. Overall this is a truly in-depth hour and a half on flavor technology and necessary aspects to insure quality control for flavors throughout the process.

Module 1:
  • What are flavors?
  • Adjuvants
  • Regulations - Definitions, Non Flavoring Ingredients, 
    Labeling, Natural versus Artificial, Processing Aids
  • Auditing
  • Formula Disclosure
  • Recent Issues - GMO, e. Coli, Organic Contamination, 
    Diacetyl, Prop 65, DEA, Terrorism, Nutraceuticals, 
    Allergen, NLEA

Module 2:
  • Where Do Flavoring Ingredients Come From? - CO2 
    Extraction, Yeast, HVP, Spray Drying
  • What Makes up a Flavor?
  • Testing Methods - Sensory - Discrimination Tests, Attribute
    Tests, Acceptance Testing
  • Flavor Issues - Oxidation, Colloids and Emulsions, 
    Emulsion Stability

Module 3:
  • The Structure of Fats (Used in Flavors) - Monoglycerides, 
    Diglycerides, Triglycerides, Saturation and Unsaturation
  • Citrus Oils - Stability - Folded Oils, Washed Oils
  • Flavor Issues - Acetal Formation, Aging, Storage of 
  • Evaluation, Receiving and Flavors in Production

Question and Answer Session

Organized by: The Center for Professional Advancement
Invited Speakers: Dolf DeRovira, President, Flavor Dynamics, Inc.

Dolf DeRovira is a Flavor Chemist and President of Flavor Dynamics, Inc. Among his many duties, he remains active in the development of new flavor products, and continues his creative role in new product development and technical/marketing concepts.

Mr. DeRovira holds a joint patent with the Monell Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has taught courses on Flavor Descriptive Nomenclature, and Flavor Technology throughout the world. He is Past President of the Society of Flavor Chemists and Past President and active member of the Chemical Sources Association.

He serves on the Government Regulations Committee, the International Regulations Affairs Committee, the Technical Standards Committee and the Allergen Subcommittee of the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association. Dolf De Rovira is a past Board member of NAFFS, and is a professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists. In addition, Mr. DeRovira was on the Board of the Research Chefs Association and was Treasurer. Mr. DeRovira received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from the City College of New York and did post-graduate work at St. Johns University, New York City. He is the author of The Dictionary of Flavors and is currently working on a book called Culinology. 
Deadline for Abstracts: n/a
Registration: Please click here for registration information.
E-mail: salbers@cfpa.com
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