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Mutation Detection 2009: 10th International Symposium on Mutations in the Genome

  December 15, 2008  
Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, Paphos, Cyprus
28th May - 1st June 2009

 Sunset at the conference dinner

This meeting aims to bring together all those interested in Mutation Detection methods and their application in Biology, Medicine and Agriculture. It is a forum where developers of methodology can exchange ideas, and those responsible for diagnostics can compare results with specific methods.


Those in agriculture, microbiology and non-medical fields are encouraged to attend. It is also a source of new commercialisation opportunities and partnerships. These meetings are now recognized and attended by the specialists in Mutation Detection and are continuing to be the only such grouping of scientists anywhere else in the world. We hope you can attend.


The next Mutation Detection Symposium will be held at the 5-star Coral Beach Hotel and Resort in the area of Coral Bay in the town of Paphos, Cyprus. Paphos has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1980. These symposia have a tradition of a wonderful cultural program that compliments the scientific program allowing all participants to freely interact and exchange ideas in magnificent surroundings with plenty of time for communication between the invited inventors and major users and committed audience who have experience in mutation detection.

The organising committee welcomes applications from anyone with an active research interest in mutation detection, but in order to achieve maximum interaction and discussion, the number of registrants is limited to 200 (this meeting has sold-out in the past, the policy will be 1st in 1st served). Abstracts need to be sent as indicated no later than 31st January 2009.

Organising & Scientific Committee

Richard G. H. Cotton, Chair (Australia)
Johan T. den Dunnen (Netherlands)
Ivo Gut (France)
Andreas Hadjisavvas, Local Organiser (Cyprus)
Mats Nilsson (Sweden)
Ann-Christine Syvänen (Sweden)

Organising Secretariat

Rania Horaitis
Heather Howard

Reports of previous meetings

Xiamen 2007: "Mutations, Structural Variations and Genome-Wide Resequencing: Where to from here in our undertanding of disease and evolution?Human Mutation: Vol. 29, No. 5 (2008).

Santorini 2005: "Technophiles seek genomic imperfections with the Greek gods at Atlantis", Scott H.F., Nature Genetics Vol. 37, No. 10 p 1019 - 1021.

Palm Cove 2003: A meeting report and selected papers from the last meeting in Palm Cove, Australia, July 2003: Human Mutation: Vol. 23, No. 5 (2004)

Bled 2001: A meeting report and selected papers from the meeting in Bled, Slovenia, April 2001: Human Mutation: Vol. 19, No. 4 (2002)

Organized by: Secretariat: Rania Horaitis & Heather Howard
Invited Speakers:

List of Invited Speakers

J. Hagan Bayleya-hemolysine nanopores
Bruce BudowleMass spec. methods for human mDNA typing & microbial forensic applications
Charles Cantor*Applications of high-throughput Mass Spec.
Marios CariolouGenetic typing in the identification of missing persons and mass disaster victims
Richard CottonThe Human Variome Project
Constantinos DeltasMethodology & the genetic heritage of Cypriots; founder mutations, geographic clustering, relation with other peoples in the neighbourhood
Volker DeckertTip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy  
Cees Dekkers*Nanocarbon tubes
Johan T. den DunnenRecent developments in the clinical lab;
from a one exon to a complete genome sequence
Michael FenechDNA Damage
Andreas HadjisavvasCancer genetics; the experience in Cyprus
Yoshihide HayashizakiHandheld device
Ivo GutAdvances in DNA analysis by mass spectrometry
Finlay MacraeInSiGHT pilot- database from pilot to central databases
Kalim Mir Microscopy based methods of detection
Mats NilssonMutation detection of single-cells & molecules
Tomi PastinenAllele-specific gene expression
George PatrinosNational Genetic Databases
S.R. Quake* An application of Fluidigm technology
David C. SchwartzOptical mapping—to discover & characterise human structural variation
Michael Snyder*Fine-scale mapping of genomic
structural variation
Steve Sommer Detection of small amounts of mutation
Ann-Christine SyvanenAllele-specific regulation of gene expression in primary leukemic cells
Sean TavtigianPathogenicity of variants
Graham Taylor High throughput sequencing in diagnostic labs
Pamula Vamsee Digital Microfluidics
Carl WittwerNew Developments in Melting Curve Analysis
Others To be announced

(* to be confirmed)

Deadline for Abstracts: 31st January 2009

It is important to register early for this symposium if you wish to attend. Places are limited to 200 delegates ONLY. THIS MEETING HAS SOLD-OUT IN THE PAST so to be sure of a place register early. 

This is easily done online by visiting the meeting website at: www.mutationdetection.org and then following the registration link.

E-mail: rania@variome.org
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