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Transatlantic Summer School Cancer Systems Biology

  December 01, 2008  

NCI-EU Summer School, Rostock, Warnemünde
2009.06.07 - 2009.06.11

Introduction: This transatlantic summer school provides a unique training opportunity for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, whether they are "experimentalists" or "modellers". This is a one-off, non-profit event to train researchers and attract young scientists to the field of cancer systems biology. The number of participants is strictly limited.

For more information, please visit the summer school's website www.sbi.uni-rostock.de/casysbio

For a limited number of participants travel cost & fee can be covered.

Themes and Topics 

  • Cell Cycle Modelling
  • Multiscale Modelling
  • The Cancer-Ageing Link
  • Metabolomics & Fluxomics
  • Stochastic Modelling
  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Cancer (Epi)Genetics
  • Industry Perspective
  • The p53/mdm2 Network
  • EGF & MAPK Signalling
  • Chronotherapy
  • Data & Model Integration
  • Mouse Genetic Models
  • Apoptosis
  • Carcinogenesis
  • Jak/Stat Signalling
  • Wnt Signalling
The scientific programme includes sessions during which participants can meet the speakers ("speakers corner") and poster sessions for discussions.

The social programme serves a similar purpose in that we want the participants to get to know each other better, to exchange their experience and to form new collaborations. Towards this end we will organize a number of activities, including

Organized by: University of Rostock
Invited Speakers: Charles Auffray (FRA), Nils Blüthgen (GER), Helen M. Byrne (UK), Marta Cascante (ESP), Andrea Ciliberto (ITA), Thomas Deisboeck (USA), Dirk Drasdo (FRA), David Fell (UK), James E. Ferrell (USA), Robert Gatenby (USA), Ulrich Guenther (UK), Hanspeter Herzel (GER), Jorrit Hornberg (NLD), Robert Jaster (GER), Boris N. Kholodenko (USA), Ursula Klingmüller (GER), Manfred Kunz (GER), Sonia Lain (SWE) Philippe Lenormand (FRA), Francis Lévi (FRA), John Lowengrub (USA), Philip K. Maini (UK), Katja Rateitschak (GER), Owen Sansom (UK), Santiago Schnell (USA) Birgit Schoeberl (USA), Christine Sers (GER), Darryl K. Shibata (USA), John Tyson (USA), Ingeborg M.M. van Leeuwen (SWE), Julio Vera (GER), Michael White (UK), Olaf Wolkenhauer (GER), Mukhtar Ullah (GER), Trevor Dale (UK), Boris Zhivotovsky (SWE)
Deadline for Abstracts: 2009.06.06
Registration: The summer school is open to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. The registration fee covers accommodation (five nights), lunch, coffee breaks, boat trip with conference dinner, social activities, and an abstract booklet. To register, please use the form on the website www.sbi.uni-rostock.de/casysbio/registration.html
E-mail: petra.gefken@uni-rostock.de
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