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Bringing Nanotechnology to Your Market

  May 21, 2008  
The Center for Professional Advancement, An Online Training Format
June 17, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST–New York time)

Who Should Attend
This course is intended for business and technical managers who need to understand what Nanotechnology means and the potential implications of this nascent interdisciplinary field across a broad spectrum of industries. These industries include, but are not limited to, chemical, energy, environmental, electronic, consumer products, cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

The impact or more precisely, the potential impact of Nanotechnology across all disciplines has become the subject of study for the majority of academic and industrial researchers. This is because the fundamental behavior of materials changes when engineered at the nanoscale. The beneficial properties are being harnessed in useful applications. This online course will introduce you to nanoscale science.

The following are the topics that will be highlighted:

  • Scale of matter
  • Properties of material at the Nanoscale, i.e. 1 x 10–9m
  • How is material “manipulated” at the Nanoscale
  • How can Nanotechnology be put to use in practical applications
  • Landscape of industrial and academic R&D
  • Nanotechnology implementation in the industry

Organized by: The Center for Professional Advancement
Invited Speakers: Dr. Ganesh Skandan, Chief Executive Officer, NEI Corporation

Dr. Ganesh Skandan, is Chief Executive Officer of NEI Corporation (NEI). He is responsible for all operations at NEI. Dr. Skandan (Ph.D, 1995, Materials Science & Engg., Rutgers- The State University of New Jersey) has extensive experience in the area of Nanomaterials Processing. He has co-authored (i) a chapter in Ullmann’s Encyclopedia, Marcel Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and CRC Handbook of Nanotechnology (ii) over fifty technical articles, and (iii) edited Materials Research Society Symposium proceedings. He has been granted six patents. He has been an invited speaker on several occasions at meetings organized by American Ceramic Society, Materials Research Society, Business Communications Company, National Science Foundation, Indian Institute of Engineers, Battelle Technical Council, The Materials Society, and National Materials Advisory Board. He has organized symposia and panel discussions on Nanotechnology. He is also an alumnus of Frontiers of Engineering, a conference series for young engineers conducted by the National Academy of Engineering.

Dr. Skandan was recently recognized as outstanding alumnus at the 50th anniversary of the graduate school for the Dept. of Materials and Ceramic Engineering, Rutgers University. Dr. Skandan is the recipient of a Space Act Award from NASA. Dr. Skandan also received the Hoechst Celanese award for graduate excellence (’93) and Yule Scholarship Fund for undergraduate studies (’86-’90).
Deadline for Abstracts: n/a
Registration: Please click here for registration information.
E-mail: info@cfpa.com
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