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Managing Multiple Projects in a Limited Resource Environment

  July 02, 2007  
The Center for Professional Advancement, New Brunswick, NJ
September 26-28, 2007

Who Should Attend:
This course is intended for all engineering and construction people who have the responsibility to make several projects happen successfully and simultaneously within their organization. This course will be most beneficial to

Project Managers
Process Engineers
Construction Managers
Project Support Personnel
Maintenance Managers
IT Personnel
Material Suppliers
Technical Support Personnel
Senior Management

This course is appropriate for all industries including but not limited to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food, petroleum, biopharmaceutical, heavy industrial construction, plastics and paper.

Managing multiple projects is about managing resources in the face of constant change. We live in an environment where projects are no longer simple, slow and certain but are complex, quick and uncertain. This course must therefore first help us prepare to respond to change; and second to create work practices that allow us to manage change. Whether your multiple projects are part of a large multi-million dollar effort or small revamp projects at a manufacturing site, the issues are the same and the systems you create to respond to the challenges are the same. There are many advanced technical tools available which we must use to stay competitive. This does not mean ignoring the basic concepts of good project management but to utilize technology that will enable us to successfully manage complex projects with multiple organizations with fewer resources than were achievable in the past.

Finally, we will explore how best work practices for “Lean Manufacturing” organizations can be used directly in project management.

Organized by: The Center for Professional Advancement
Invited Speakers: Please click here for speaker information.
Deadline for Abstracts: not applicable
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E-mail: info@cfpa.com
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