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1st International Workshop on Minicircle-DNA

  January 16, 2007  
Bio-Tech-Region OWL e.V., Bielefeld, Germany
February 21 - 23, 2007

The first international minicircle-DNA workshop is to be held on February 21-23, 2007 in Bielefeld, Germany. The upcoming event addresses to those scientists wanting to keep themselves updated with the recent advances in minicircle technology and its application in DNA vaccination and gene therapy. Minicircles are small DNA circles that are derived by recombination of parental plasmids. Minicircles are devoid of the bacterial backbone and contain only the gene of interest making them promising tools for DNA vaccination and gene therapy. Antibiotic resistance genes, selection markers or bacterial origins of replication, which are typically present in plasmids are fully removed by the specific recombination.
Organized by: PlasmidFactory in Cooperation with Bio-Tech-Region OWL e.V.
Invited Speakers: D. Scherman, Paris
C. Rudolph, München
W. Walther, Berlin
C. Plank, München
W. Jechlinger, Wien
J. Bode, Braunschweig
M. Schmeer, Bielefeld
C. Coutelle, London (requested)
H. Blom, Uppsala
D. Gill, Oxford
M. Grund, München

and others

Deadline for Abstracts: not available
Registration: http://www.minicircle-dna.com
E-mail: erika.sahrhage@bio-owl.de
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