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  Genome Sequence Analysis: Theory and Practice  
  January 28, 2003

Computational Genetics / Bioinformatics

  The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine
June 11 - 17, 2003

This course will focus primarily on the process of analyzing genomic sequences to identify biologically significant features using computational and comparative approaches. Additional attention will also focus on the prediction and annotation of the function of genes and gene products. The course will bring together scientists trained in computational biology, mathematics, and computer science with wet bench biologists who are seeking to introduce bioinformatics methods into their research programs.

Organized by: Carol Bult, PhD, The Jackson Laboratory and Deanna Church, PhD, National Center for Biotechnology Information
Invited Speakers: The final speaker list for 2003 is still under development, a list of speakers from the previous year is provided here:

Judith Blake, Ph.D., The Jackson Laboratory
Tom Casavant, Ph.D., University of Iowa
Gary Churchill, Ph.D., The Jackson Laboratory
Gregory Cox, Ph.D., The Jackson Laboratory
Inna Dubchak, Ph.D., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jonathan Eisen, Ph.D., The Institute for Genomic Research
Benjamin King, M.S., The Jackson Laboratory
David Kulp, M.S., Affymetrix
Donna Maglott, Ph.D., National Center for Biotechnology Information
William Noble, Ph.D., Columbia University
Steve Sherry, Ph.D., National Center for Biotechnology Information
Chris Stoeckert, Ph.D., Computational Biology and Informatics at University of Pennsylvania
Zhiping Weng, Ph.D., Boston University
Kim Worley, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine

Deadline for Abstracts: Not applicable
Registration: If you would like more information on this course or would like to apply, please visit The Jackson Laboratory Courses and Conferences web site, http://www.jax.org/courses/genome_analysis_03.html, or feel free to contact me directly via electronic mail, tay@jax.org. Women, minorities, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.
E-mail: tay@jax.org
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