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Proteins: Workhorses and Wizards of the Cell
Oxford University Department for Continuing Education , Oxford
5 - 6 December 2000

For many years, the structure and properties of proteins have been of interest to those involved in drug design – a drug typically being a small molecule that interacts with a specific protein target. Today, proteins (particularly antibodies and hormones) are being used as drugs themselves. Both of these approaches exploit the exquisite specificity of protein structure and action, but the second also opens up questions as to how to produce these proteins in large amounts, how quality of the preparation can be assessed and maintained, and how the labile conformation of the active protein can be compatible with a suitable shelf life and drug formulation. In addition, proteins might seem to be the ideal industrial catalysts, in that they can catalyse reactions regio- and stereospecifically at nearly diffusion limited rates. How can they do this? Can we actually use enzymes industrially, or are they too labile to survive in industrial plants? Anyone interested in any of these questions should find this course useful.

Organized by:

CPD Centre, Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

Invited Speakers:

Dr David Harris (Course Director) read Biochemistry at Oxford University and conducted his post-doctoral work in Amsterdam before returning to Oxford. After lecturing at Leeds University he returned to Oxford once more and is currently a lecturer in Biochemistry.

Professor Mark Sansom studied as an undergraduate in Biochemistry at Oxford University moving into Molecular Biophysics for post-graduate work. In 1991 he returned from Nottingham University - where he had been lecturing in Zoology - to take up a lectureship at Oxford in Biochemistry and he is currently a University reader in Biochemistry.

Deadline for Abstracts:

Three weeks prior to start of course, but please contact for availability of places after this date


Contact Rachel Bristow, tel: 01865 286939, fax: 01865 286934, e-mail or write to Suite 1 Littlegate House, 16/17 St Ebbe's St, Oxford OX1 1PT
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