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Medical Implications of the Genetic Revolution
University of Oxford , Oxford, Department of Continuing Education, Rewley House
4 May 2000

8.45-9.15 Registration

9.15-9.30 Welcome to Oxford

9.30-10.00 Session 1 The Human Genome Project:
Genotype or Genohype: Opportunities and Barriers Dr Eric Sidebottom

10.00-11.15 Session 2 The Changing Role of the Clinical Geneticist Dr Anneke Lucassen

11.15-11.45 Coffee

11.45-13.00 Session 3 The General Practitioner: Gatekeeper to the
New Genetics Dr Peter Rose

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.15 Session 4 Ethical and Social Dilemmas Created by
Progress in Genetics Dr Deborah Phillips

15.15-15.45 Tea

15.45-17.00 Session 5 Genetic Medicine - An Industrial Perspective Dr Mark Edwards

17.00-17.30 Panel Discussion

Organized by:

Rachel Bristow

Invited Speakers:

Dr Eric Sidebottom
Medical Genetics Clinical,Churchill Hospital, University of Oxford
Dr Anneke Lucassen
Medical Genetics Clinical, Churchill Hospital,Oxford University
Dr Peter Rose
Research Associate,ICRF GP Research Group,Institute of Health Sciences, Oxford
Dr Mark Edwards
Oxagen Ltd
Dr Deborah Phillips
The Welcome Trust

Deadline for Abstracts:

Friday 20 April


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Fax: Michael Lilley: 0044 (0)1865 286934

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10% Discount GBP345 (for more than one registration)
40% discount GBP230 (for full time members of academic institutions)
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date: April 13, 2000 8:05:57
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