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Ortner MJ. 2001. Gene Therapy: Medicine and Commerce for the 21st Century

  January, 26 2001 16:10
new and historical books in bioscience and medicine

Medicine and Commerce for the 21st Century
Mary J. Ortner, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Published: January, 2001 

400+ Pages, 70+ Exhibits, 30+ Companies Profiled
Gene therapy is being actively researched in almost every serious disease.

The 21stCentury is upon us and the sequencing of the human genome has brought incredible challenges concerning how this information will be used. The number of discrete genes in the human being has been estimated to be between 100,000 and 140,000, most of which have already been isolated. Although the vast majority have not been functionally identified, numerous genes have been directly implicated in disease function or inherited disorders. For decades, scientists have dreamed of curing such catastrophic conditions in the most simple and elegant manner - by replacing these malfunctioning genes. That dream is now becoming a reality.

Gene Therapy: Medicine and Commerce for the 21st Century is the sequel to the well-acclaimed second edition of D&MD's Human Gene Therapy Report. Focusing on the most recent developments in this entirely new world facing the pharmaceutical, medical and investment communities, this report is aimed at the business and science professional alike. D&MD's Gene Therapy Report will help the reader understand the science of gene therapy along with a realistic view of the field and its future. It will also show how independent companies and those affiliated with Big Pharma are pursuing paths to the prize that will, once and for all, demonstrate the ellusive proof of principal.

Unique Benefits of this Report:

  •  Introduction to the functioning of genes and gene therapy, providing the background needed to put key issues into perspective
  •  Description of both disease-targeted preclinical and clinical research, giving insight into the novel trials in several disease areas
  •  Analysis and comparison of several gene delivery research methods, helping the reader decide which is most appropriate
  •  Examination of the critical areas of gene therapy research, giving the reader an understanding of advances yet to come
  •  Discussion of the ethical issues surrounding gene therapy research, educating the reader in this area of research and the clinical manifestations of its outcomes
  •  Exploration of the impact of current USPTO regulations on intellectual property and of stacking patents on the industry and its future
  •  Discussion of current investor attitudes and the business models now favored by gene therapy companies, giving the reader insight into where to proceed in this industry
  •  Comprehensive analysis of the regulatory ramifications of the industry, helping the reader avoid legal pitfalls and consequences
  •  Many gene therapy and business information resources are provided, helping the reader keep up-to-date in this fast paced, ever changing environment
  •  In-depth profiles of 34 business and scientific gene therapy companies, identifying chief positions and strategy insights

Order your copy today - at http://www.drugandmarket.com/9018/?source=hum
D&MD Publications, One Research Drive, P.O. Box 5194, Westborough, MA 01581-5194
508-616-5555, 508-616-5544 (fax), cust.serv@drugandmarket.com

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