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  BBA - Reviews on Cancer: August 1997 (Volume 1333, No 1)  
  August 08, 1997

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

David. Livingston, Boston, MA
Elsevier Science BV
  Date of publishing: August, 1997  

BBA- Reviews On Cancer

Vol. 1333, No. 1 8 August 1997


Involvement of p53 in cell differentiation and development Almog, N. and Rotter, V. F1
DNA methylation: regulation of gene expression and role in the
immune system Mostoslavsky, R. and Bergman, Y. F29
Farnesyltransferase inhibitors and cancer treatment: targeting
simply Ras? Cox, A.D. and Der, C.J. F51
Mutagenesis in the P53 gene Pfeifer, G.P. and Holmquist,
G.P. M1
IRF-1: the transcription factor linking the interferon
response and oncogenesis Taniguchi, T., Lamphier, M.S. and
Tanaka, N. M9
Genetics of human cancer: pathogenesis and diagnosis
Keystone, Colorado, January 27 February 2, 1997 Kirsch, I.R. R1

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