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  Journal of Genetic Counseling: June, 1998 (Volume &, Number 3)  
  June 15, 1998

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

Robert G. Resta
Center For Perinatal Studies
Swedish Medical Center
Seattle, WA

Human Sciences Press
  Date of publishing: June, 1998  

Genetic Counselors' Judgments of Patient Concerns:
Concordance and Consequences.
Susan Michie, John Weinman, Theresa M. Marteau p.219

Editorial Introduction to "A Simple, Unified Approach to
Bayesian Risk Calculations."
Robert G. Resta p.233

A Simple, Unified Approach to Bayesian Risk Calculations.
Susan E. Hodge p.235

Psychological Aspects of Genetic Counseling: XII. More On
Counseling Skills.
Seymour Kessler p.263

Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Counseling in an Academic
Medical Center: Consultands' Satisfaction, Knowledge, and
Behavior in the First Year.
Mona Penles Stadler and John J. Mulvihill p.279

Genetic Library
June Peters p. 299

Mendel's Dwarf. By Simon Mawer.
Reviewed by Christina G.S. Palmer p.307
Optimizing Genetic Services in a Social, Ethical and Policy
Context - Suggestions from Consumers and Providers in the
New England Regional Genetics Group. by Dorothy Wertz and
Robin Gregg.
Reviewed by Debra Lochner Doyle p. 309

Announcement: Call for Articles p. 313

Copyright 1998, National Society of Genetic Counselors, Inc.

For further information please contact: Robert Resta
Human Sciences Press

233 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013-1578
  Posted by:   Robert Resta (rresta)  
Host: gatekeeper.swedish.org
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