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  Genome Research: Vol 6, Issue 7  
  July 01, 1996

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

Mark Boguski (National Center for Biotechnology Information/NIH)
Aravinda Chakravarti (Case Western Reserve University)
Richard Gibbs (Baylor College of Medicine)
Eric Green (National Center for Human Genome Research, NIH)
Richard Myers (Stanford University School of Medicine)

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
  Date of publishing: July, 1996  


Gene Transfer into Corn Earworm Helicoverpa zea Embryos
James D. DeVault, Keith J. Hughes, Roger A. Leopold, Odell A. Johnson, and Sudhir K. Narang 571

Identity-by-descent Mapping of Recessive Traits in Livestock: Application to Map the Bovine Syndactyly Locus to Chromosome 15
Carole Charlier, Frédéric Farnir, Paulette Berzi, Pascal Vanmanshoven, Benoît Brouwers, Hans Vromans, and Michel Georges 580

Sequencing the 500-kb GC-rich Symbiotic Replicon of Rhizobium sp. NGR234 Using Dye Terminators and a Thermostable "Sequenase": A Beginning
Christoph Freiberg, Xavier Perret, William J. Broughton, and André Rosenthal 590

Worldwide Distribution of Human Y-chromosome Haplotypes
Fabrício R. Santos, Néstor O. Bianchi, and Sérgio D.J. Pena 601

Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Cloning and Mapping of a 630-kb Human Extrachromosomal Structure
Min Wang, Stephanie Shouse, Barbara Lipes, Ung-Jin Kim, Hiroaki Shizuya, and Eric Lai 612


The Genomic Structure of Discoidin Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
Martin P. Playford, Robin J. Butler, Xiao Cun Wang, Roy M. Katso, Inez E. Cooke, and Trivadi S. Ganesan 620

A Contiguous High-resolution Radiation Hybrid Map of 44 Loci from the Distal Portion of the Long Arm of Human Chromosome 5
Janet A. Warrington and John J. Wasmuth 628


Uniform Amplification of a Mixture of Deoxyribonucleic Acids with Varying GC Content
Namadev Baskaran, Rajendra P. Kandpal, Ajay K. Bhargava, Michael W. Glynn, Allen Bale, and Sherman M. Weissmann 633

A DNA Microarray System for Analyzing Complex DNA Samples Using Two-color Fluorescent Probe Hybridization
Dari Shalon, Stephen J. Smith, and Patrick O. Brown 639

Microsatellite Hybrid Capture Technique for Simultaneous Isolation of Various STR Markers
Michal Prochazka 646

Erratum 650

Product News 651

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Managing Editor, Journals

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