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  EMBO-Journal: 1 March 1997 (Volume 16, No 5)  
  March 01, 1997

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

Editor in chief: Moshe Yaniv
Executive editors: John Tooze, ICRF , Iain Mattaj, EMBL

Oxford University Press
  Date of publishing: March, 1997  
  ISSN 0261 - 4189

  • A mutation causing pseudohypoaldosteronism type 1 identifies a conserved glycine that is involved in the gating of the epithelial sodium channel
  • S. Grunder, D. Firsov, SS. Chang1, NF. Jaeger, I. Gautschi, L. Schild, RP. Lifton1 and BC. Rossier

    Pages: 899 - 907

  • Identification of the molecular recognition sequence which determines the type-specific assembly of procollagen
  • JF. Lees, M. Tasab and NJ. Bulleid

    Pages: 908 - 916

  • AP-3: an adaptor-like protein complex with ubiquitous expression
  • EC. Dell'Angelica, H. Ohno, CE. Ooi, E. Rabinovich, KW. Roche and JS. Bonifacino

    Pages: 917 - 928

  • Kinetic diversity in the fusion of exocytotoic vesicles
  • Y. Ninomiya, T. Kishimoto, T. Yamazawa1, H. Ikeda, Y. Miyashita and H. Kasai

    Pages: 929 - 934

  • Stable association of chloroplastic precursors with protein translocation complexes that contain proteins from both envelope membranes and a stromal Hsp100 molecular chaperone
  • E. Nielsen, M. Akita, J. Davila-Ponte and K. Keegstra

    Pages: 935 - 946

  • Folate biosynthesis in higher plants: purification and molecular cloning of a bifunctional 6-hydroxymethyl-7,8-dihydropterin pyrophosphokinase/7,8-dihydropteroate synthase localized in mitochondria
  • F. Rebeille, D. Macherel, J-M. Mouillon, J. Garin1 and R. Douce

    Pages: 947 - 957

  • The structure of cyclin H: common mode of kinase activation and specific features
  • G. Andersen, D. Busso, A. Poterszman, JR. Hwang, J-M. Wurtz, R. Ripp, J-C. Thierry, J-M. Egly and D. Moras

    Pages: 958 - 967

  • Identification of a novel regulatory domain in Bcl-xL and Bcl-2
  • BS. Chang, AJ. Minn, SW. Muchmore1, SW. Fesik2 and CB. Thompson

    Pages: 968 - 977

  • Identification of a novel contactin-associated transmembrane receptor with multiple domains implicated in protein-protein interactions
  • E. Peles, M. Nativ, M. Lustig1, M. Grumet1, J. Schilling, R. Martinez, GD. Plowman and J. Schlessinger

    Pages: 978 - 988

  • 1.9 crystal structure of interleukin 6: implications for a novel mode of receptor dimerization and signaling
  • W. Somers, M. Stahl and JS. Seehra

    Pages: 989 - 997

  • DAP-kinase is a Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent, cytoskeletal-associated protein kinase, with cell death-inducing functions that depend on its catalytic activity
  • O. Cohen, E. Feinstein and A. Kimichi

    Pages: 998 - 1008

  • CREB is activated by UVC through a p38/HOG-1-dependent protein kinase
  • M. Iordanov, K. Bender1, T. Ade3, W. Schmid4, C. Sachsenmaier, K. Engel6, M. Gaestel6, HJ. Rahmsdorf1 and P. Herrlich

    Pages: 1009 - 1022

  • Functional characterization of the fission yeast Start-specific transcription factor Res2
  • Y. Zhu, T. Takeda1, S. Whitehall, N. Peat and N. Jones

    Pages: 1023 - 1034

  • The Skn7 response regulator controls gene expression in the oxidative stress response of the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • BA. Morgan, GR. Banks1, WM. Toone, D. Raitt1, S. Kuge3 and LH. Johnston

    Pages: 1035 - 1044

  • RFXAP, a novel subunit of the RFX DNA binding complex is mutated in MHC class II deficiency
  • B. Durand1, P. Sperisen, P. Emery, E. Barras, M. Zufferey, B. Mach and W. Reith

    Pages: 1045 - 1055

  • Spacing of promoter elements regulates the basal expression of the soxS gene and converts SoxR from a transcriptional activator into a repressor
  • E. Hidalgo and B. Demple

    Pages: 1056 - 1065

  • The human mitochondrial transcription termination factor (mTERF) is a multizipper protein but binds to DNA as a monomer, with evidence pointing to intramolecular leucine zipper interactions
  • P. Fernandez-Silva1, F. Martinez-Azorin, V. Micol and G. Attardi

    Pages: 1066 - 1079

  • Tumor necrosis factor [alpha]-induced activation of c-jun N-terminal kinase is mediated by TRAF2
  • C. Reinhard, B. Shamoon, V. Shyamala and LT. Williams

    Pages: 1080 - 1092

  • Cloning and characterization of p52, the fifth subunit of the core of the transcription/DNA repair factor TFIIH
  • J-C. Marinoni, R. Roy, W. Vermilion1, P. Minion2, Y. Lute, G. Weed1, T. Serow, DM. Gomez2, J. HE Hoeijmakers1 and J-M. Egly

    Pages: 1093 - 1102

  • Interplay of two uridylate-specific RNA binding sites in the translocation of poly(A) polymerase from vaccinia virus
  • L. Deng and PD. Gershon

    Pages: 1103 - 1113

  • A novel inhibitor of cap-dependent translation initiation in yeast: p20 competes with eIF4G for binding to eIF4E
  • M. Altmann, N. Schmitz, C. Berset and H. Trachsel

    Pages: 1114 - 1121

  • The 'polysemous' codon - a codon with multiple amino acid assignment caused by dual specificity of tRNA identity
  • T. Suzuki1, T. Ueda and K. Watanabe

    Pages: 1122 - 1134

    The EMBO Journal is published 24 times a year by Oxford University Press on behalf of the European Molecular Biology Organisation.

    The papers listed above will appear in the 1 March issue.

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