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registry of biomedical companies

  June 21, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Princeton Separations, Inc.

P.O. Box 300
Adelphia 07710-0300
United States of America, New Jersey
Toll free: 1.800.223.0902

Phone: 1 (732) 431 3338
Fax: 1 (732) 431 3768

Please notice: This entry hasn't been updated by the submitting company for more than 2 years. It could be possible that this company doesn't longer exists.


Centri-Sep: Three Formats - columns, 8-well strips, & 96-well plates... You Can Count On...Every Time.

We developed the CENTRI-SEP products to meet your needs. Reproducible, consistent results. You don't have time to spend on repeat procedures. Poor Performance is unacceptable. Discover the reliability of the most effective column available for removal of dye terminators prior to sequencing. With CENTRI-SEP spin columns,8-well strips, and 96-well plates you can count on reliable, consistent results. Every time. Find out more. Call Princeton Separations, Inc. today. For research use only.

Centri Spin: The New Family of Spin Columns

Purify primers or probes > 10 bases
Purify biotinylation reactions and protein conjugates
Desalt/purify peptides prior to capillary electrophoresis

Exchange buffer rapidly
Desalt DNA > 20 bases and protein > 25 kD
Remove excess labels/nucleotides in nick translation and end-labeling

Remove primers from PCR reactions (PCR is covered by U.S. Patents issued to Hoffmann-LaRoche,Inc.)
Desalt/purify proteins > 100 kD

Be sure to ask about our sample pak. For research use only.

PSI-Clone BAC DNA Isolation Kits
Two kits one for mini-preps and one for scalable larger preparations. Both kits provide a a dependable method for isolation high quality BAC DNA templates for cycle sequencing and other subsequent steps. The simple protocol yields up to 1ug high purity, template quality DNA from 5mL of Terrific Broth cultures.

PSI-Clone PCR Single Tube & 96-Well Purification Kits
Both kits provide a rapid method for processing PCR reaction products in a convenient single tube and 96 well formats. The spin tubes and/or multi-well plates and included reagents allow for quick removal of primers, salts, nuceltides, and proteins.

ENDOPROTEINASES - Modified, sequencing grade for protein sequencing
Sequencing grade endoproteinases are highly purified enzymes modified chemically to reduce autolysis and increase enzyme stability. Greater control of protein fragmentation reactions is achieved due to consistent enzyme activity over long digestion periods.

5-BMT (Non Explosive) novel activator for Oligo Synthesis
A novel, non explosive, activator for improved systhesis of DNA, Modified DNA, and RNA. Typical results include faster coupling times, increased coupling efficiency, enhanced product yield, and fewer failure products resulting in faster less expensive final purification.

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Last update of this entry: July 20, 2005

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