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registry of biomedical companies

  April 19, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Best and Latest of Skye Blue's Concept in Biotech
Port Coquitlam
Toll free: 16049419022

Phone: 16049458408
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AgBiomass and Biotechnology: 

  • Agronomic Cropping Systems
  • Farming Systems Management
  • Post-Harvest Treatment
  • Clean Fermentation for Foods
  • Low-Quality Feeds Utilization with Concentrate Supplements
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics in Digestive Nutritional Availability
  • Metabolism & Health in Animal Husbandry and Production 
Here's the run-up to the OUTLINE for our BK #3 Titled: "Reports on Lignocellulosic Biotechnology and Related Research for Feed, Food, Energy and Biomaterials" by D. A. Flores. 1st Edition. (c) 2024. D. A. Flores. Skye Blue (SB) Internet. Port Coquitlam. BC Canada V3B 1G3. CHAP Title 1-12 : 1st Edition BK #2, Inclusive Titled: "Lignocellulosic Biotechnology and Related Research: Related Research for Feed, Food and Energy." By D. A. Flores (pen name). 13 : Urealysis, Straw, Stover and Haulms 14 : Aquatic Botanicals: Marine Seagrasses, Water Hyacinth and Duckweed 15 : Hi-Producing Dairy, Agri-retailing HQ Fodders and Food Security 16 : Water Buffaloes, PNA-B12/Auxin-ARF, Probiotics and Dual-Purpose Crops and Ensilage 17 : Bio-Kerosene for Home, Auto and Aerospace 18 : IBPN Vamp and Construction for Housing, Roadways and Bridges 19 : Green Bioprocessing, Fibre Crop Residual and Energy 20 : Composting, Vermiculture for Soil Tillage Amendments.  SYNOPSIS: +New Editioned Chaptered Topic Summaries  
Watch out for its printing/distribution and marketing with Mill City Press, Maitland FL USA, Westwood Books Publishing, Atlanta GA USA and The BookPublishingLab, N. Y., N. Y. USA by early 2024. (c) Skye Blue (SB) Internet with D. A. Flores (author). PoCo. BC. Canada V3B 1G3.  
Our Principal and Owner (author) has managed in particular to extend the research project area thus far on: "Protein utilization for ensilage given its process orientation and the AA/peptide nutrition," as presented in his continuing recent papers: Agricultural Sciences > Vol. 13 Pp. 1177-1185 2022 > Issues with Tropical and Temperate Ensilage Protein and Amino Acid Feeds Utilization: A Research Note, > Agricultural Sciences > Vol. 13 Pp. 282-289 2022 > Silage Feeding with Water Hyacith in the Tropics: A Research Note, and a planned BK in series (#3) on: Reports on Lignocellulosic Biotechnology and Related Research for Feed, Food, Energy and Biomaterial Recyclables, (c) D. A. Flores. 2023-24. Skye Blue (SB) Internet. PoCo. British Columbia Canada V3B 1G3.
(c) D. A. Flores. 2023. Skye Blue Internet. Port Coquitlam. British Columbia Canada V3B 1G3. 


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Last update of this entry: November 30, 2023

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