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registry of biomedical companies

  June 21, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Farm Future Space

Port Coquitlam
C. - B.
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: 16049419022
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Farm Future Space:   


1) Polymeric Chemistry from Hyper Lactic Acid (R) (HLA) from Silage-Based Feedstock Ferment Manufacture: a) Textile Fabric Materials with b) Environment and In-Base Use. 

Lactic/acetate type fermentation is characteristic of strict anaerobiosis with limiting particulate size, enzyme to fibre (or EFEs) for hyper- and WSC digestibility with lower Aw and lower pH (limit=3.8). 

2) Hyper Centri-parationTech(R) for Livestock from Anaerobiosis Rumen-tech for Ferment Manufacture / Bred with Artificial Reproductive Technology / Functional Amino Acids or Free Amino Acids (FAA) and Endocrinology Technology: a) FAA from "Stopped" Reactive Peptides, b) Coomafous(R)-Polystar (energy) Carriered Complete Pellets for P/E Concentrates and b) The "Limit Protein" from forage for Protein Concentrate in Dairy Lactation.   

3) Ph.D. Projects: now lined up for terra applications; several decades ahead of their time for tech futures to Space: Lunar Base Alpha & beyond to Mars. 

    Noted that ensilage processing is a method that is not as popular as haylage to haymaking, e. g. equine farming and dairy, but is it time to get back to basics with silage-making including in our Prairie provinces? In our opinion, will researchers and practitioners take the gambit and develop hyperprocessing in chemical engineering downstream from "wet" fermentation (viz. cf. solid-state fermentation). 

   This proposes the spectre of stratified consumption, even limited consumption, of commodities for food and nutrition in Space either in terra firma or as stationed somewhere in Outerspace.  The luxury of farming in v. limited circumstances is possible but perhaps far from pragmatic or commonplace.  Food stores are more likely from our own Terra Firma or the Oceans with even typical freeze-dried (fresh) plant crop for postharvest treatment. The use of critical life support is imperative for the deployment of such dwarf ungulates amongst bovine, ovine, caprine and options for game meat in Outerspace vs. what is popularly known as "clean" meat [E.g.s. of gamey ranch ungulates are: Bos indicus (carabeef type, in addition to dairy), bison, deer, musk ox, elk, reindeer, caribou and moose]. 


(c) Skye Blue Internet.  Port Coquitlam, B. C. Canada. 2022-2050. 



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Last update of this entry: September 25, 2022

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