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registry of biomedical companies

  May 20, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Locale Services Information Canada

1440 Barberry Dr.
Port Coquitlam

Phone: +011-604-945-8408
Fax: +011-604-941-9022


SkyeBlue offers virtually-assisted research on the Internet tailor-fitted to your needs.

These topics of interest are recommended for further study and web research with your busy entrepreneurial work career.

You are invited to preview some topics we are working on below:


1. Marine Seagrass & Fisheries Aquaponics / Vertical Farming.


2. Nutrigenomics.


3. Ruminant Protein Digestion, Metabolism & Physiology.


4. Growth, Development & Reproduction with Animal Health & Welfare. E. G. non-GMO, GRO HI-producing dairy animals.


5. Chronic Inflammation (CI) with PUFA, WSC (e. g. Fructan like the inulins- we are investigating synergistic factors in chronic conditions), Vit D / pro-active Vit D drugs, and Immune Balance aetiology/biomarkered cytokines, with occupationally preventative diseases.


6. Feeding Functional or Free Amino Acids (FAA) for Growth, Development Productivity and Animal Welfare, E. G. cattle (large and small), swine, fish.


7. Low-Quality Feeds (LQFDS) Feeding, Manufactured Processing Management and Feeds Utilization in Livestock Animals.


8. Biorenewables Material Science Manufacturing (E. G. Bio-Kerosene for Energy & Our Own IBPN for Vamp material).


9. PNA-Carriered Gene Silencing / TFE Technology (E. G. GRO, non-GMO and non-transgenic production, management, agronomical farming operations).


There is now a growing field studying the feasibility of PNA-Carriered Gene Silencing to "teach" or boost based on tailor-fitting conditions to microbial activity the use of their remediating activity, for e. g. breakdown nano or microplastic in contaminated habitats or neutralize oxidative mineral tailing constituents in mining effluent or overlodes.


10. Functional Foods (E. G. Phytochemicals, Nutraceuticals or Pharma and Novel Foods.).


11. Dye-Tagged (DT) Protein Separation with Miniprotein Laser Reader for Gel Documentation / Semi-automated Sample Handling with Our Own Proprietary Reagent Prep Kit.


12. Plasmid-based GRO, non-GMO, non-transgenic Prebiotic and Probiotic agents for Dual Ensilage Processing with Rumen Digestion.


13. Peptide Pharma and for Feed Technology. 


As an e. g. Cerebrolysin (e. g. of therapeutic peptides) treatment, is being proposed for TBI in early childhood concussion (and sport-related brain injury) and reversing it. It can purportively stimulate brain recovery by affecting neural connectivity altho at this time clinical results are far from conclusive. Long-term learning with cognitive therapy in psychological/psychiatric treatment might be leading to more conclusive results.  There is evidence that with certain appropriate antipsychotics that chemical imbalances in the neurochemistry of the brain and neural connectivity are both implicated with each other and that quality and capacity for thought processing and executional functional skills are improveable over the long term.  More research is needed including use of brain imaging technology together with cytological studies.


New rumen tech is developing including its theoretical basis is developing as we speak in the literature regarding the role it play in metabolomics of microbial biomass protein synthesis from the cell in the rumen including shortend oligosaccharides, lower gut absorption and its role with immune support, neuro-endocrine function playing a role in growth and development, reproduction, health and stress management and intake control and balance regulation, as examples.


14. Solid-State Fermentation (SSF). Usually SSF processing for the valorization or value-added function in bioprocessed products, thus far, for enzymes.  Further, in the future, energy fermentation as a form of "green" chemistry will evolve.  Here is a possibility using a well-known feedstock or biomass process called pretreatment (also referred to as postharvest treatment of feedstuffs and other related products from farm produce and their byproducts), for: 1) substrate modification like depolymerization and digestion of fibre-based biomass; 2) conditioning of substrate viz.: pH, deg T & moisture control through air duct flow; 3) sparging of both yeast or E. coli inoculum; 4) use of fine-chemical biologics, e. g., enzymes and direct-applied (DA); and 5) metabolomics for accelerating the bioprocess and its product yield as in biofuels in addition to their others as in single cell protein (SCP) and nutraceuticals/pharma in the form of intracellular/discruptive recovery, encapsulization, and exogenous secreted product for downstream recovery.





'SkyeBlue' offers from its office environment-based in Port Coquitlam, complete with literature databased on Google, accessible through DBases in our SFU tertiary libraries, a knowledgeable reader on staff, and regular contacts via document FAX/e-mailings for our Info-Paks(R) with printed brochures and AD flyers.

Our offers (hourly or on contract) are customized to meet the needs of our clients and can also serve to link-up prospective business opportunities, now and for future venture fund investors and their participants.



D. A. Flores, B. A. (Chem), M.App.Sc. (Biotech) 


CONTACT, the e-newsletter featuring Academia and Industry from the Scientific literature. 

Skye Blue (SB) Internet

Pt. - Coquitlam (Tri-Cities area) BC

Canada V3B 1G3 


(c) Skye Blue Internet.  Port Coquitlam.  BC Canada  V3B 1G3.  

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Last update of this entry: April 07, 2024

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