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registry of biomedical companies

  May 20, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Victoria "V" Industries Information

Sibulan, Negros Region in the Philippine Islands
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022 (Helpline)

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: +011-604-941-9022


We are bloggers/vloggers "on the ground" in the Philippines and Indonesia in SE Asia covering industrialization initiatives especially centred around Sibulan/Dumaguete area in Negros Oriental province in the Philippine Islands. For a bit of history the Island was first landed by the US Armed Forces and settled with a major Philippine American mission-oriented rural localed University which provides the city community a major focal point for further urban development. 
These initiatives we are reporting from include:
1) Industrial car auto making slated by an American car manufacturing concern for Kabangkalan. Smaller EVs that are designed as low-lying commuters boxed vans are in the offing for flat roadways.
2) Industrial dry goods manufacturing for plastic consumables and export electronics, a strong area the Philippines is to be involved. Oil from exploration with mainland China is being agreed on; will yield a 60% stake (no export) for both export and domestic for energy consumption and manufacture with local refineries to derived products.
3) Developing IBPN high-impact vamp as a possible 'green' material slated for Indonesia by a Filipino industrialist unknown at this time who can bring to the drawing board initial plans to make this technology a reality using a projected 'nuclear-like' plant and chemo-bio/safe facility for further expansion to the frozen Arctic (e. g. Siberia and N.W. Territories, Canada). The practicability of goods (and construction industry use) will weigh in to prioritize this technology implementated for the future.
4) Finally, the continued push for Negros Oriental to be a self-sufficient and exporting agri-food powerhouse is to be realized with net export around the country.
We we speak, the port area of Sibulan, in Negros Oriental is being better developed as established for neighboring Cebu Island for agri-produce exporting via barge and ship. Plane freight is also available via the Sibulan-Dumaguete Airport nearby.

SKYEVIEW: There is now a belief in networking together the developing countries recently of India, the Philippine Islands and Mexico of north American fame in manufacturing and energy servicing industries for both lucrative export markets in industrialized countries and their own lesser known co-op industries in areas like the 'tour de force' effect of tourism, its infrastructural developments, and cultural exchanges of people including travelling, hotel stays and hospitality and even immigration (believed to be controlled) and customs & tarrifs for trade of goods and services. It is believed that mainline industries like automotive manufacture including concept mini-vehicles will gain ground especially in the tourist trade. Of course PR China's experience in terms of coverage is much more formidable it is predicted. As it stands the Philippines can serve as a crossroad conduit for exchange of goods and services (and people) through development of transportation hubs, ie. international airports and ports of call/containerized freight handling systems and even after roads and bridges which has been extensive in the Philippines for local economies requires also perhaps rail for freight and passenger with EV freight vehicles. Here in Sibulan there is a belief that the port under development is to be connected with Cebu island and Dumaguete's International Airport with ports of call like Cebu, Siquijor, Davao and then off the Brunei, Singapore and Mumbai, Calcutta and Delhi served by local and international carriers. There are even plans to establish better parity between major Philippines ports of call like Manila (there are 4 in the area), Cebu and Davao and the Westcoast of North America and then down south to Mexico to Mexico City, and e. g. Guadalajara, Mazanillo, Mazatlan, Acapulco, Tegucigalpa, and Puerto Vallarta etc., all possibilities. In our theory of manufacturing industry there is fashion or apparel, electronics including appliances, automotive and aerospace (here our corroborative Bio-kerosene + IBPN vamp, e. g. tires, taxiways and with microrubber pollution yet to be proven) and home building/commercial building industries/trades for mass social housing as a completion in materials acquisition by the average Westernized consumer in Mexico and elswhere.
SKYEVIEW: For so-called local industries, power from the grid from geothermal and biofuels including solar paneling is likely to be exploited. Desalinization plants for critical water supply is another utilities concern to run consumer industries (hard goods and foods) in the Sibulan and Tanjay/Bais areas (hypothetical targetted areas) although it has been said that primary pipelining for distribution or networking is probably limited by cost considerations but perhaps this could be warranted by their involved industries such as intensive coops for food and other materials (e. g. plastics- try recycled landfill collected plastic, and microelectronics) and local produce (fruit and vegetables) as another consumable in terms of canned fruit and veggies, and services from the food industry like catering kitchens for craft bakeries with baked goods including breads and fastfood, snack items and prepared meat products (e. g. deli-meats/loafs) from ranching enterprises and other intensive producers of the industry- outlets amongst locals and their bars/dance halls/cafe stands, transportation (train, airplane)/ports-of-call (ground and air services including bus stations), resorts (diving, beach), hotels and executive inns, sports & entertainment venues (maybe also urban or peri-urban eateries/cafes) and even banqueting halls for concerts, weddings, religious celebrations, fiesta/festival halls.    
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Last update of this entry: September 10, 2023

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