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registry of biomedical companies

  October 04, 2023
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Agri-Food Information Enterprises of Canada

Skye Blue Internet
Barberry House, PoCo (Tri-cities) BC

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: +1-604-941-9022
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


In support of free enterprise in our Canadian Foods Enterprises for Further Research & Design Technology and Manufacturing, and elaborating various leading gourmet product lines, in our archive collection of innovative idea inventions we are declaring our New Theory in Agri-Food's LFSystems for B. C. and Canada to answer to pressing modern day childhood hunger and other pressing social issues around poverty to source food securely for ready accessibility, we are proposing the ff.: 1) increasing R&D to self-sufficient vs subsistent farming with organic methods and use of lower-cost inputs; 2) food distribution systems using gov't subsidies and other corporate partnerships shaping a foodsafe banking system with realizable points of access from increased distribution, at more affordable prices; 3) proposing more nutritious food commodities, especially for more vulnerable consumers for fresh fruits, vegetables, vegan protein alternatives, healthier organic meat sources and supplementation to fortify our food supply including nutraceutical supplements with "food-drug" alternatives; and 4) finally, strengthening the commodity equation through more legitimization of product commodity and its perception in consumer price demand.  
Foods with Nutraceutical Product Lines:  - 1) nutraceutical functional food line (e. g. weight loss control & support, cardio-support, diabetic support, cancer prevention support, immune balance support), and 2) dietetic food selections in mind for door-to-door delivery convenience service like Uber-Eats (R). L'Oleo(R) is suggested for dispensing from a long snouted carafe usually reserved for olive oil by the drop or by the dallop. Remember it is also essentially olive oil with enzyme treatment or technology as a dietetic dispensary. This is further compounded with the Bio-Gel(R) for consistency and fill in cooking recipes liquid dressings, gravies, confectionaries and dairy products, as examples.
  • ForteLaite (R) - made from GMO-Labelled fortified enriched protein milk food, e. g. milk drinks that are pasteurized and pre-treated/filtered to purity. There is now talk of the non-GMO variety of ForteLaite (R) using PNA Technology. Formulating a soda shoppe variety of fare to drink we offer Smoothies with crushed ice (cf. tonics- like coconut sap sugar+vineagre+lemon juice+mineral+vitamins+antioxidants) (see below for dry powder supplementation from 'fruit-n-veg') (note: we have no addition of essential oils or flavours just fresh fruits and/or veggie juice, no pulp) and Caffe Lattes (no semi-purified CHOs) serveable in a such an environment with commercially prepared ingredients such as: strawberry and cherries, strawberry and cherries with cream soda, chocolate-mint and raspberry. We will be coming out with a non-GMO variety through direct-applied medicated gene silencing techniques to the cow udder and/or per os - sublingual.
  • Caralaite (R) - natural strength water buffalo dairy milk blended with various MFP like ForteLaite (R) and Vegelaite (R).
  • Caralaite (R) in Dessert Cheeses - (sweetened with condensed milk). Products for e. g. are: smoothies, salad dressings, cheesestick sweet-n-sour BBQ sauce (chicken and hamburgers, tofu cheesed dipped in a skewer), cream pies like Boston Cream Pie, chocolate bon bons or candies, coconut cream + dessert cheeses, e. g. in curries (Singaporean, Indian recent preparations). (Note: not a dairy creamer, e. g., for coffee; and not good with umami.)
  • VegeLaite (R) - grain oilseed derived protein milk from albumins, globulins and gamma-globulins + alpha-lactalbumin, and lactoferrin (medicinal in nature).
  • L'Oleo Brand Salami and Other Deli Meats (e. g. Mortadella) in cooked sauce concentrate exclusively here marketed by the name Sambal Manis Ketchup(R)*. Our yet to be R&D facility is to test enzymatic preps in situ that is designed without the encapsulation technology (see: Japanese studies in the scientific literature), functioning to minimize chronic inflammation related to cardiovascular health and T2 diabetes and to support cancer prevention, to enrich as a functional food biogenic peptides mimicking the oils and protein in fish muscle. 
  • SweetMeats Brand Salami with L'Oleo(R). Here is the rough run down on the recipe proposal at this time - Pork + Beef + Liquid Smoke Flavour (mild taste, to Cure) + Honey + Dextrose for Sugar + Rosemary + Cumin + Black Pepper (cracked). Casings are to be used. L'Oleo (R) (see: this website for theory and method to make) is made with hi-PUFA oil such as olive oil and pork shoulder fat to critically congeal and be of high nutritional value. Carabeef as a new commodity in the market will be from excess supply of calves as ethically acceptable for slaughter and made into tinned corned beef (recipe above), smoked corned beef and pastrami additionally. Leaving export/import possibilities in places like the Indian subcontinent. There are ideas 'down the wire' about curing via pickling carabeef with curing plus pickling spice in acetic/lactic acids in brine. Even as sausages as special delicacies to local tastes.
  • L'Oleo(R) Vegan Spreads(R) such as products of: peanut butter-milk powder and sugar with options to add chocolate (dark or white) and mocha (chocolate+coffee espresso). 
  • L'Oleo(R) Ham & Pork Loaf(R) (deli) with grain-like millet and barley, pork shoulder fat and L'Oleo(R).
  • Lean-n-Low L'Oleo Hamburgers(R) offering a low-fat variety L'Oleo(R)'d product in patties.
  • Ketchup in a Bottle in 4 themes with one manufacturing co. for Australia, Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia, and the Philippine Islands are dubbed (see: Foodies, Wix.com): Indonesian: Sambal Manis Kecap (R) (Indonesian-made); Chinese: Sichuan Style Catsup (R) (a blend of Sambal Manis-Plum-Oyster-Hoisin, secret ratio unknown) (Filipino-made) and Filipino: Pinoy Satay Catsup sauce(R) (Filipino-made). We are working on these as we speak. We might have another Thai sauce blend also. These would eventually appear all on your local Asian grocery shelf. Certain food technologist professionals have already expressed their initial interest in engaging in this type of venture subject to government/industry/commercial funding in the way of grants-in-aide. There are grant writers 'in residence' available to apply for grants in the Philippines.
  • Chinese Filipino Tocino our version with pork tenderloin, soy sauce, liquid honey, brown sugar, banana ketchup, rice vinegar, rice wine, canola oil, red food colour, garlic and pinch of salt. 
  • Chinese Filipino Chorizo and Chorizo de Bilbao a "clean meat" product from cultured porc and intestinal cells with cartillagenous matrices in cell biofermentors; for the L'Oleo(R) fraction from glycerophospholipids and PUFAs TGLs, and glycerol; and our own proprietary food-grade Biogel (R) from konjac flour/starch/carrageenan in a congealed mix and finally cased in natural intestinal casings.  Chorizo de Bilbao is made traditionally with regular meat and the low-fat fraction from Biogel (R) as previously added in and then packed in animal lard and packed in a tin.
  • Golden Valley Farms (R) digestive/GMO modeled product of egg yolk liquified gel prepared food product using GMO-labelled low-cholesterol golden brown shelled eggs. The low-cholesterol eggs are formulated with glycerophospholipids from PUFAs, PUFAs from TGLs, glycerol and (see above) our own proprietary Biogel (R) from konjac flour/starch/carrageenan in a congealed mix, prev. treated with DNAase to digest completely GM material (1/2 copy of the chromosome of the chicken), composed of phospolipids, livetins, and phosvitins with 12gProtein/15g fat, ideal for the Keto type dietary formulation. The Digestive Model / GMO Esterase Model (see: Medica & Communications 3, this website at hum-molgen.de) is used to derive the low-cholesterol egg product using: a) semi-purified lignocellulose fed and which adsorbs dietary cholesterol and bile acids and b) GMO chicken layers genetically bred to block esterase activity (defective by mutation) to avoid proper storage and transport across the yolk membrane of cholesterol in the yolk sac. 
  • SunnyYogurt (R) in the English tradition with cream cheese-style yogurt with a orange marmalade and strawberry compote with our proprietary L'Oleo product.
  • Creamery Ice Cream in mint or strawberry creme soda with added L'Oleo (R) with our own Biogel (R) (see above) for dietetic ice cream and frozen ice cream yogurt.
  • Dessert Cheeses with L'Oleo(R). An e. g. would be white cheese like Quesong Puteh from rich water buffalo milk in the Philippines using food chemistry with dairy products. Egs. of white custard made with white cheese/milk addition are: leche flan (rich egg-infused pudding), maja blanca (starchy pudding) and cassava Bebingka pudding; also delectable cheese/dried milk/vanilla essence added crumble with sugar as base to top rice-honey Bebingka steamed in banana leaf; remember, cheese cake with cream cheese, milk, eggs, flour and sugar is the 'limit' to cheese addition for a dish.
  • Eat Your Heart Out White or Choco Cake Mix(R) and Eat Your Heart Out Cake Gel(R) for White and Choco Cake Mix. To be pre-mixed. We also have suggestions for adding L'Oleo (R) product and Bio-Gel(R) for rich, moist chocolate and white cakes [try cf. Betty Crocker(R)] and using a dessert cheese with a sour cream icing with a bit of butter for extra flavour making for its unique richness and creaminess. In pre-sealed plastic bag packaging and is sold, as refrigerated, togetheron the cake premix shelf itself.
  • Candy Creme Chewies(R).  Soft chews candies. Favourite flavours of chocolate, moccha, vanilla creme, caramel and coconut cream with addition of flavour protein globulins from milk and yolk (e. g. LDLs) with syrup, moscobado and/or honey. Premium hard candies to pamper the tastebuds and soothe your taste. 
  • Eatmore(R) Candy Cremes for Energy.  A nutraceutical laden candy (caffeinated ginseng, guarna, taurine) + glycogen ('clean' reacted) + creme proteins (see prev.) + starch + invert sugar. Early Rise Tea(R), a powder with similar ingredients ideal for stronger machas and green tea machas.
  • Green Tomato Pepper Sauce (R). This is to present a new idea in taste/appetite enhancement in care facilities with a 1:10 ratio of jar fermented Philippine gogi berry (iba), green ripened tomatoes and green habanero/jalapeno/capsicum using apple cider vineagar,  salt and sugar (5%), rosemary, cumin, cardamon, lemon juice, brine for eggs & ham, steak, pasta, fish and cocktails like Bloody Mary. Our green relish delite includes the Green Tomato Pepper Sauce(R) and Sweet Relish for Hot Dogs and Bratwurst sandwiches.
  • Tango Fruit Kecap (R). Cook mash of apple, plum and pineapple in br. sugar, and then whisk in and simmer with tomato paste, pineapple vinegar,  garlic powder, oignon powder, cayenne pepper, cardamon and salt. If bottled add preservative of citric acid.
  • Italian Fish Deli-meat or Pescasciutto (R). Ingredients are: fancy Philippine flounder dessication,  injected with emulsion of tomato essence, red pepper oil, onion powder, carrot oil and glycerin (aq), injected as with ham solution of Prague Powder #1, oiled with either canola or olive and then smoked over a few days. Prepare thinly sliced  fillets prosciutto-style in a fish sushi roll sushi rice with white vineagre+sugar+garlic+ginger+salt with an outer covering of red herring roe, honey-roasted sesame seed and thinly sliced smoked flounder into the roll.
  • Coco-Curry Sauce Product(R) (American standard flavour) made with additives of rich creaminess of yolk (e. g. lipoproteins from LDLs) and milk globulins ('clean proteins') with advanced umami peptides, free amino acids (FAA) and other enhancing peptides for garlicky and onion flavours, recently investigated in research studies from the U. of Wisconsin USA. E. g. of a commercially manufactured product are our Seafood Curry Pizza Surprise(R) having olive oil +honey +rosemary +dill + oregano + (3) cheeses such as gruyere, ementhal and mild cheddar +previously BBQ'd sockeye chum or coho salmon on grill +false crab (pollack) +cracked blk pepper +Curry-Coco Sauce or Gravy.
  • Pita-style Corn Bread(R) with yolk (e. g. lipoprotein varieties from LDLs) and milk creaminess from their globulins (e. g. 'clean proteins') as the protein flavour additives. We are still developing the recipe as we speak with Mexican/Middle Eastern-styled preparations, e. g. Donairs.
  • Skye Flakes Crackers(R) - L'Oleo formulated as a creme icing (cf. OREOs (R)) filling with a buttery flavor in place of margarine.
  • Cracker-Peas (R) - A dietetic non-GMO protein / fibre boosted low-caloric peanuts and peas made into a cracker with a slight seasoning 'dry roasted' taste with a variant of Japonaise-dressed seaweed cracker. These nuts are also available dry roasted or as fried in l'ail (in garlic).
  • The Hotties - Hot "bran" cereal prepared from Arbocel (R) of JRS Pharma Group (A300 coarse grade with a phenylpropanoid core at 320 uM particle size): Lactose powder, 1:1, barley/wheat germ/oats with the same cholesterol lowering quality as bran flake cereal.
  • DuoTango (R). Pysillium Drink or Tonic. Psyllium fibre from grain, essential oils from citrus (orange and lemon) (+ EPA, DHA) with emulsifier (e. g. lecithin), instant powder from juice, additive agent to allow free flow, dessicated pulp, colour dye orange. For heart health (lowering blood cholesterol, circulation /b.p.) and prevention of strokes.
  • Porc or Shrimp Tartinade from the ff. PUFA-based L'Oleos(R): #1-Biogel(R):mixture (3:5)-ginger essence, lemon juice/kalamansi (powder from concentrate, unsweetened), MSG (umami), vegetable hydrolyzate (powder), chicken hydrolyzate (powder) and dried porc powder; #2-Biogel(R): mixture (3:5)-garlic essence, MSG (umami), chicken hydrolyzate (powder), shrimp paste from reconstituted freeze-dried shrimp powder. The Biogel(R) constitutes of the ff.: from cooked konjac flour/starch/carrageenan in a congealed mix with added PUFA constituents (see: above) and cream cheese (40%:60%).
  • Mushmallow Fusion Pasta. To be experimented with raw mushrooms and semolina pasta dough combined together and shaped into maccaroni, rissotto and shell pasta and steamed. As a culinary substitute to mushrooms, our wheat semolina based gluten containing or without gluten containing flour pasta is to be fused through fermentation tank - supplied egg white protein and shellfish muscle proteins using 'clean meat' technology already on the scene this year 2021 in Los Angeles USA.
  • 'Clean Meat' mushroom via fermentation which is of course vegan and when mixed with cream, e. g. cream of mushroom soup, represents v. high quality as a source to be marketed with soy protein concentrate or mushroom pasta according to its colour and taste with unique texture.
  • Peanut Butter L'Oleo with Biogel(R). Omega-3 fatty acids (enzyme-congealed), Creamo(R) + powdered full cream milk + Bailey's Irish Caramel Cream + Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, 1:1. For dessert Canapes on toasted bread with honey.
  • Butterscotch L'Oleo with Butterscotch syrup (caramelized) + Baileys Irish Cream(R) (Toffee Caramel) + Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey (1:1). Prepare dessert canapes as before with honey and toast.
  • The Gravy Boat(R) is our special heart dietetic gravy formulation additive for clubs, pubs, steakhouses and grocery poutine deli-kitchens, as examples, formulated from 'clean meat' hydrolyzates and broth after studying the meat profile in short and oligopeptides that constitute the tastey and rich melange for gravy making. It will be teamed up with our nutraceuticals, our L'Oleo+Bio-Gel(R) product additive + Cardionemic health peptides micro-encapsulated in an elastin-derived coating, Elastane(R) or 'cage' in pellet and fibroid modes depending on textural qualities.
  • Dietetic Heart Health Pop** (see ff. below) is our exercise and energy health drink similar to Powerade(R) in flavours of cranberry, pineapple, strawberry, lemon-lime, and pommegranate, a "toddy" like drink for healthy lifestyles with guarana, ginseng, taurine, anthocyanin & carotenoids (anti-oxidants), a cardionemic nutritional from water hyacinth and other phytochemicals (antioxidants) in addition to vitamins, macrominerals and microminerals. The pop is designed with for health-kick candy-like particle rod-like bits like that which snaps-crackle-pop when it hits the mouth (tongue and palette) and starts to dissolve but does not "disfraggle" through the gastric chamber, conserving them, delaying their delivery to the S. I. of the lower gut for absorption using tuna Bonita-sourced and vegan-sourced cardionemic and immunogeneic peptides. Technology of the outer protecting ''hardshell'' is both from Elastane(R) from biofermented elastin, derivitized via cross-linkages, S=S and C=N, and by protein glycosylation and further layered with encrustation with sugar, inside of which is peptide core with its glycosylated, cross-linked Elastane(R) outer shell or coat.
  • Bufficotta(R)- by Riccotta(R) based in La Carlota, NegOr. PHIL. using water buffalo hi-solids milk from caramilk to cottage cheese or ricotta-like product with added L'Oleo-Biogel(R) Mix as a dietetic. Might consider a subsidiary in Roma, Italy.
  • Leche Latte(R) for coffee/tea/chocolate- a new extra creamy product that is semi-liquid in consistency like honey and packaged in a dispenser that adds to coffee and tea "by the dallop".  Can be mixed with emulsified L'Oleo-Biogel(R) Mix as a dietetic for convalescing seniors population.  We invite collaborators to research and develop this product for distribution and marketing in North America like the product line presently on the grocery shelf referred to as Daisy(R) milk food products. 
  • Cara-teriyaki Glaze(R)- Jap-style glaze for meats with skin texturized for their crispiness/chewiness and rich meat flavour using an undertone of honey and added ingredients including honey + fermented select water-soluble sugars (WSC) for sweetness for such outrageous dishes as pheasant, duck, seafood (salmon, shrimp, crab), poultry and beef. Target sugars include: fructose, galactose, glucose, sucrose, galactomannose, mannose and maltose. For sucrose the temperatures (105-180 deg C by grilling or torching) convert by non-Maillard rxn. to polymeric flavour cpds.: caramelans (C-24), carmelens (C-36) and caramelins (C-125) and aromatic flavour cpd. diacetyl.
  • Pinoy Cara-Glaze(R)- Tocino-style glaze for meats groups of: poultry, beef (including carabeef), and pork and eggs. See prev. for process description and principles. There is a chance using additionally raffinose, stachyose and verbascose, soluble fibre olisaccharides as extenderizers for sauces (and perhaps for flavourings). See ref.: Uber Foodie Caterers and Airline Kitchens on Wix.com and scroll down by the same author (Owner/Principal).


Naturaceuticals(R) Product Line Developments

1.) Focus on the N. American market with prices indexed from sourced Philippine mfgs. 2.) Considerable scope in preventative healthcare and maintenance, including with exercise and fitness. 3.) Health supplementation product line include: for beverages (e. g. coffee, teas, juice drinks, milk shakes, hot drinks and hot soup broths), orally delivered gummies or mouth drops, and semi-purified psyllium for fibre supplemental drinks. 

Tactile and flavour qualities are: 1) sweetness, 2) saltiness, 3) umami flavours, 4) creaminess, 5) fruity flavours, and 6) graininess from dietary roughage.

**There are also food product lines for time-delayed micro-encapsulation in "soft" pellets with its inner fibrous strands of complex oligasaccharides and/or of oligopeptides, from fish and beet sources in pill form, pellets in breakfast cereals or particulate rod-like pieces for health drinks (e. g. health toddy), instant soup mixes and sauces.



1. D2/D3 (support for immune balance, heart health and cancer prevention, e. g. skins melanoma development); to be developed is our interventive and gentler support drug Vit D agonist to aid maintenance Vit D blood levels in public health and disease control where fortification and availability in milk and bread products may be lacking; 

2. Functional amino acids (weight loss and toning muscle, sleep or rest) like ARG, HIS and LEU for LBM maintenance or for body builders for conditioning of muscle tone; 

3. Complex sugars and CHOs (soluble fibre and other complex polymers) (for immune, T2DM, and cardiovascular health) like the fructans;

4. Oligopeptides and shorter peptides that react with sugars like the fructans in the lower gut (for immune function, T2DM, and cardiovascular health);

5. Milk food proteins  (viz. medicinal proteins) (e. g. casein, alpha-lactalbumin, lactoferrin) (for immune and cardiovascular health);

6. Semi-purified psyllium fibre (for constipation and cardiovascular health through cholesterol levels in the blood);

7. DHA/EPA PUFAs (for blood cholesterol control, cardiovascular and immune health) and in the form of an L'Oleo-Bio-Gel (R) product for shakes;

8. Deli "Functional" Meat Loaf made from artificially fermented 'clean' meat products with vaso-conditioning cardio synthetic peptides part of the deli-loaf together with DHA/EPA incorporated in with the L'Oleo-BioGel (R) product. See: previously the health food product incoporating this meat - oil suspension matrix; and

9. Full-spectrum vitamins with macro- and micromineral supplements out-contracted by third party manufacturers (for health support, in general).

    Epidemiological evidence demonstrates that there is a need for VitD fortification and support in cases where milk supply and bread cannot be aptly fortified with VitD + fortified milk food products (MFPs) with our processed and relabelled non-GMO content fortified medicinal milk product from hi-producing aquatic plant fodder fed to planned GRO, non-GMO dairy cows, in the beginning stages to enhance and secure our food supply and distribution in the lower Fraser Valley of BC Canada.  Products 1) and 5) demonstrate our intended commitment to meet public health needs including against skin melanoma in both coloured and white skinned individuals in temperate climes with its incidence of sunlight when lack of Vit D fortification in bread and milk and is not available.


Product Industry Report:

Product reporting as viable proven investment opportunities are as ff. using dietetic foodlines using foods like:

a) deli-meats;

b) liquid cream cheese/sour cream;

c) white dessert cheeses (e. g. from Italy and France);

d) dessert and vegan health smoothies;

e) ice cream (full cream)(e. g. coconut-pineapple, avocado-ube or purple yam, mango-grapefruit also as a sherbert, ube-taro root-coconut-white cheddar);

f) yogurt shakes and fruity health smoothies;

g) yogurt ice cream (we have dessert ideas like Baked Alaska made per serving stemmed open-faced in each dessert dish);

h) cream pies (e. g. Boston, Coconut, Kahlua(R) and Banana); and

i) instant cake mixes (liquids ingredients extra), extra moist such as Devil's Food Cake (chocolate flavoured), and White Cake Mix (vanilla flavoured).


SKYEVIEW: We are reporting here future investment potential for Uber-like food delivery services by franchise of specialized food product lines; airport lounge services & airline onboard caterers. We recognize the critical factors and their contribution from branding (appearance and presentation), packaging & handling quality, shelf-life for storage & transfer and gourmet restaurant quality or standard of product and acceptability to consumers. Some are in process of sales and marketing pipelines, after basic R&D (research & design) and commercial development. The L'Oleo+Bio-gel(R) product nutraceutical will incorporate a "pill-making" design and invention of a time release digestible polymer in microparticles also encapsulating the peptides to be developed for our T2DM/heart health food nutraceutical food product. This will be further tested for tactile and flavour qualities. The growth market for our food nutraceutical product and additive is in Japan and the Koreas, from Canada. We are looking into the research & design (R&D) facility for derivitized Elastane(R) food-grade polymer encapsulated food peptides like that in tuna/salmon or our beet or veggie proteins which needs further intensive research for smoothie or shakes with benefits to managing glyceamia with T2DM or for cardiac health (atherosclerosis + heart function + anti-stroke). There is yet much to be discovered about the role of nutraceuticals such as our VitD3 and 2, PUFAs and bioactive peptides regards immunomodulation for disease prevention or treatment such as T2DM, heart disease, Cancers (colon, skin, breast), osteoporosis, Alzheimers, and multiple sclerosis, to name as examples.  

SKYEVIEW: There is news about our corraboratives in industry 'on the wire' that the L'Oleo+Bio-Gel (R) nutraceutical food factor for their factories can also be fielded in gravies such as the potato fries product poutine routinely done here in Canada with french fries and doused further with mozarella pieces and melted in gravy for a nice snack or comfort food. Our guess for the comfort food gravy mix is to provide it as a powder form, and now can be supplied from 'clean meat' fermentation and hydrolyzed for obtaining that same 'rich' taste that only carnivours or meat lovers alike can love.  There will be plans to simplify STEM cell fermentation technology use by studying the distributional profile of shorter peptides and oligopeptides that give our residual meat "entities" their substantialy rich and meaty taste in the broth and with the fat factor from L'Oleo+Bio-Gel (R) nutraceutical as a dietetic. We might even, if the product markets well, add the even newer technology from the micro-encapsulated (elastin derived polymerized coatings are used) biogenic cardionemic peptides that prevent against, and even can treat, heart disease, medicinally, as factors of a 'team' or as a 'duo'. We might even be able to separate and study mixtures that compose as a tastey, rich concentrated broth for our use. However, as a precaution, for such a robust quality in demand for the product we might hold off on use of this at first.

SKYEVIEW: There is news abroad from Japan that certain bioactive peptides derived from fish spp. as with tuna Bonita variety can help in addition to PUFAs present to help prevent atherosclerosis and other heart functions (blood pressure and pumping) and cardiac diseases, packaged peptides in capsule form taken orally are now being investigated for their effect on the physiology of heart and blood vessel function and including the 'new kids around the block' for preventative medicinal health delivery such as milk food proteins (MFP) and matters of probing their mechanistic processing and interface with the gut lining where they first present themselves as has been already discovered with indigestable/absorbable fructan related sugar forms from their oligomers. This story is getting hot even more as we explore the new possibilities in the case of a special native mussel organism found in N.Z. which has been dramatically tested to provide more efficacy or relief from ingesting this PUFAs (DHA & EPA) due to some unknown mechanism. Is this due to certain peptides towards heart health or some other co-factors present in mussel tissues as presented and absorbed through the lower gut.

SKYEVIEW: There is big news "down the wire" that we might be on the verge of drug discovery for sweeteners/fillers like fructan oligosaccharide and fructose/glucose saccharides regards the enteroendocrine hormones in the lower gut of incretins (there are two now studied) that are activatable by glucose (fructans are digestible microbially in the distal end of the lower gut of the colon) and eventually via the portal vein and afferents (brain-pancreas-gut axis) secretion at the pancreas of insulin to the duodenum. We pose the question here of how incretin is back-regulated and by what in the duodenum whether it be by proteases, FBI, down-regulation at the expression of DNA level or via motifed peptides on these peptides, an unknown mechanism proposed at this time.  Are there in fact dietary peptides, e. g., in WSC or sugar bearing vegetables such as green leafy vegetables and legumes, that are protective against T2DM and atheroclerosis / heart disease that modulate incretin on transmembrane action on glucose in epithelium cells and eventually insulin secretion against T2DM and related heart disease. We at 'SkyeBlue' are already preparing for new possible diet soft drinks which we dub here in fruitty fun Frezeca(R) in cool spearmint tea, apple-ginger ale and pamplemousse (grape fruite-cranberry), as examples with these fructan sugars, Splenda(R) and these "veggie-fruit" peptides similar to what is recognized now as salmon/tuna peptides for heart health in tandem with PUFAs which we would like to both address at "SkyeBlue". The question of where Elastane(R)'s raw material elastin (collagen is the other tissue which when hydrolyzed form gelatin) is to be sourced is from connective tissues such as cartillage, bones, tendon, ligaments and skin (for e. g. the abbatoire where animal skins from this slaughter house would be available and weight-bearing tissues like cartillage as in vertebrates and also soft tissues from organ meats).   

SKYEVIEW: There are corroborated reports at JW & Sons Foods that another company's use of their "Bio-Gel" was a product success with salmon and pike and even with smoking is a very saleable product in Scandinavia. Very good news indeed for the nutraceutical industry. Cardiac health foods with respect to cardiac disease are now most touted in everyday cooking for fish and vegan/fibre in diet known to clear atherosclerotic plaques of the arteries which points to the possibilities of addressing factors leading to atherosclerosis with: 1) HDL/LDL, 2) immunomodulation, 3) infection and immunity including the blood vessels and 4) endocrinologicaly as now studied with certain digestive tract hormones, e. g. incretins, involved now with drug lead discovery for agents that can treat T2DM via A1c levels in red blood cells (RBC) which are linked directly with atherosclerosis of the blood vessels and arterial heart disease serious complications; incretins are secreted by the gut lining in the upper tract (viz. duodenum); incretins (there are two major ones studied) act to modulate secretion of insulin (viz. blood glucose levels) from the pancreas via neural afferents (via the brain-gut axis)/portal blood from gut incretin; it is now hypothesized that PUFAs/peptides in fish/vegan (fruit and veggie) sources act dually to clear plaques and improve or reguralize heart function/blood pressure (b.p.); at "SkyeBlue" we are now hypothesizing that vegan sourced peptides can act via incretins and other gastroendocrine cellular sources, not just presently studied, e. g., tuna Bonita spp. peptides (bioactive), in the same way as to bring about transmembrane flux changes of blood glucose as it is absorbed through the gastroenteric lining to bring about what has been strongly correlated or believed cardiac protection or health and also true for the non-digestible oligosaccharides like our fructans, e g. inulins and neo-kestose, in the lower bowel in an regulatory/condition or allosteric manner digestive hormones that transduce sugar absorption to blood sugar levels, as one mechanism. Another e. g. is via VFA patterned fermentation endproducts from what are called beneficial microbial populations. 

SKYEVIEW: Modernization of the meat processing plants might be stimulated by the 'deli movement' a very processed and packaged and efficient way of deliverying various and marketable meat products for sale using beef, porc and even poultry and goat meat using a modern axenic abbatoire system established by huge multi-nationals like Cargill has begun in the Philippine Islands along with it changing the Philippines forever towards groceteria from nascent wet markets in the city and towns including smaller and job-providing mini-stores selling fresh produce and grocery items to the Filipino public. This is revolutionary and may start the world over movement towards built markets and grocery chains to make food delivery in such countries safe, convenient and cheaper. What more does a country want and wives who toil to plan and provide meals at the dinner table. Additionally meat processing can be linked to a meat packaging plant for canning and pre-marinating refrigerated packaging. Perhaps the virtues of multi-national mass processing will become apparent in the near future launching in the Filipino smaller and even more efficient labour-intensive wet abbatoires that are semi-mechanized to provide for more jobs amongst Filipino natives. 

SKYEVIEW:  Because of considerable developments in the public eye of our putative drug candidate on the drawing board, VitD-Agoniste, Retinobionol (R) (generic name), we are beginning patent applications for the preliminary 8-step synthesis of the seco-steroidal derivative at 26C-13 dubbed the "Flores Synthesis" before drawn out and exhaustive work to be scheduled with future drug discovery collaborators in the pharma industry in Canada and the U.S.A. back from 1980 at Kalamazoo College, Michigan on further synthesis/production through microbial and enzymatic syntheses together with future plans to develop production systems using marine seagrasses fed the derivative together with pharmacokinetic studies using both effects of the putative ligand on titre at the enzyme site as well as receptor/cell signaling binding and effects on Vit.D plasma titre in animal and human subjects. This drug, if successful for its claims, will be revolutionary towards "fortifying" the "limiting titre of plasma VitD (activated form)" from enriched diets in North America from milk and bread especially for both Caucasoid and pigmented human subjects given the latitude/seasonality and exposure to UV-B light as in the United States where cancers tend to predominate due to these limitations. There are future plans to market the drug in active form as a parenteral (cf. insulin). This effect is to enhance performance of Vit.D in the diet in terms of optimizing and prolonging half-life.   


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