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registry of biomedical companies

  June 24, 2018
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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-/ 1440 Barberry Dr. PT COQ BC V3B1G3 CA
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022 (help line)

Phone: +011-604-945-8408 (local)
Fax: +011-604-941-9022 (FAX line)


The geographical landscape has been described as the RUSSIAN FAR EAST within the Russian Hi-Tech Mainland ("RHTM") has been described as American-invested in future for the projected WheatUS project - wheat crops (food and straw feedstock) and rapeseed (oilseeds for food and biodiesel); in BRAZIL another supposed American-invested SOYUS project invested in soy crops for feed production for meat, food and energy (biodiesel and wax cutins); in KAZAKHSTAN, a Canadian-Russian investment in energy derivatives also by another name of SOYUS using straw and higher alcohols by microbial fermentation using still cutting edge microbial engineering, grain (for biodiesel and wax cutins) and seagrass using leaves and roots sectioned for biodiesel and polyaliphatics (for kerosene, C6-C16) (a major investment and hope for future aerospace travel with sustainability) also known by the name GENUS project which has been also proposed for the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS with Russian - German investment (e. g. Bohol) for biozyme factories for glucose feed, syrup and convert starch (for feed and food uses), amongst other food saccharides, aquaponics, seaweed culture, fisheries for food and dairying for cheese and milk marketing.

SKYENEWS: The miracle of Philippine development is shaping up to be another opportunity to launch off initiatives to further areas both in Central Asia, SE Asia and the Far East in terms of technology transfer liaison and investments from Philippine sources and the spreading co-op movement.  The Philippines benefits from a developing milieu of maturing democratic and a more open and stabler free enterprise system, competitive-ness based on capitalistic values and a corrupt-free, meritorious value system. 

SKYENEWS: In Central Asia there are outstanding issues in development planning that need addressing especially with increased urbanization or density: 1)Law & Order Enforcement - Community Engagement & Civic Duty with training and provision of jobs for members of the populace, 2) Population Control - developing population control policy (1-child policy) put in place, 3) Banking & Investments with Financial Markets including: Venture Funds, Government bonds, Brokers & Financiers and Banks for Accounts & Investments, 4)Commuting and the Issue of Vehicular transport, roads and bridges infrastructure construction and 5) Tourism (e. g. BnB's, Airports, Commuters, Hotels, Resorts, Parks & Recreation).





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