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registry of biomedical companies

  May 28, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Genome Explorations Inc.

1910 Nonconnah Blvd. Suite 120
Memphis 38132
United States of America, Tennessee

Phone: 901 578 5708
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ONE Partner. INFINITE Solutions.

Genome Explorations, Inc. is a premier research institution providing global genomic profiling and molecular diagnostics services to academic centers, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, oncologists, and pathologists with innovative diagnostic, prognostic, predictive, and personalized testing. We believe that the combination of unparalleled quality diagnostics, industry-leading innovation, and exceptional service enable us to help a range of clients develop and implement a personalized approach to healthcare and, ultimately, eradicate the most malicious disease states.

Genome Explorations Inc. was founded by Dr. Divyen H. Patel to provide Academic, Biotech and Pharmaceutical institutes with a ‘Complete Solution’ for RNA, miRNA and DNA analysis. Genome explorations also provide all associated Bioinformatic solutions to make sence of the data generated through these high through put technologies. Dr. Patel started and managed the Genomics Core Facility at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The finding’s from one of the many studies conducted through his core was described in a seminal study on the cover of Cancer Cell (Cancer Cell Vol. 1 133-143 March 2002). The study pioneered the use of global genomics to enhance diagnosis of pediatric leukemia and evaluate prognostic outcome in patients. The extensive experience gained through working with scores of investigators, resulting in over a hundred publications, has made Genome Explorations Inc. the number one choice for Investigators worldwide for all their genomic projects.

The ‘Complete Solution’ requires you, our client, to only provide us with your biological samples (DNA, RNA, Cells, Tissue or Blood). Our highly trained staff subsequently process these samples to completion and analyze them using the latest advanced bioinformatics solutions. This model, combined with the one-on-one interactions we have with our investigators, allows us to generate the highest quality data sets in the industry. 

Clinical Services Overview

Inherited Disease MDx

Predict, Prepare, Prevent! As research continues to gain new insight into the role of genes in various diseases, including cancer, we now have the ability to test for certain genes known to increase risks for birth defects, cancers, heart disease, and many other maladies. Identification of predisposition mutations allow a proactive approach to inform the decision making process, proactively assess treament options, and help reduce the risk of developing a deadly disease later in life.

Cancer Specific MDx

Detect, Characterize. Genomic research continues to identify mutations associated with specific cancers and, in combination with clinical research, to identify their clinical relevance to a specific cancer and the prognosis/treatment for patients. While some mutations may be pathogenic, some are benign. Mutation profiling allows us to identify which mutations are present, determine clinical significance of those mutations, and identify pathogentic mutations with actionable therapies. To this end, mutation profiling using next generation sequencing and targeted cancer-specific panels allows us to detect mutations across multiple genes simultaneously and to screen patient susceptibility to a specific cancer.

Targeted Cancer MDx

Targeted Cancer, Targeted SOLUTIONS. Through genomic research, we continue to learn more about the complexity of cancer. While cancer continues to be identified by its location in the body (lung, breast, blood, etc.), we have learned that a more accurate way to evaluate cancer treatment is through examination of the underlying changes or mutations which drive cancer development and progression. Those mutations are not limited to location and, in many instances, have very little correlation with the location.

Research Services Overview

Companion Dx & Biomarker Discovery

Companion and Complimentary Diagnostics Companion diagnostics continue to play an ever expanding role in personalized healthcare as physician’s seek to better more accurately forecast patients’ potential responses to various treatment options. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company embarking on a new drug/Companion diagnostic offering or an independent Companion diagnostic manufacturer, our team can provide unparalled support to ensure expedient and successful parallel development of both your companion test and drug/biologic.

Genotyping Analysis (SNP)

Mutation Analysis: Single Nucleotide Poloymorphism (SNP) Mutations are genetic alterations either in germ or non-germ (somatic) cells. Mutations can impact the formation of various diseases as well as affect the response of a patient to particular drug treatments. The mutation can be an insertion, deletion, missense or nonsense mutation in the coding or non-coding regions. In some cases, a mutation occurs at the intron-exon boundary and affects the normal splicing of the transcript.

Expression Analysis

Gene Expression Services Scientists at Genome Explorations have worked with over 350 scientists worldwide in meeting their gene expression needs. As an industry leader in the microarray field and a certified provider of Affymetrix® microarray services and Life Technologies qPCR services, we have developed a series of SOPs that allow us to reproducibly generate global gene expression data sets of the highest quality. Our validated microarray protocols consistently result in sample-to-sample variability of less than 0.



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Last update of this entry: August 27, 2019

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