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registry of biomedical companies

  November 14, 2018
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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M/s. Bimal Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

12, Indraprastha, 1-D, Raheja town ship,
Jitendra Road , Malad (E) , Mumbai -400097.

Phone: 0091-22-65704186
Fax: 0091-22-28775755

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The company was incorporated in the year 1989 as modest entrepreneurial Venture,  and since then, backed by highly experienced management team of professional technocrats, it has progressed and  evolved as most trusted manufacturer. 


The Management has 25 years of experience in Bulk Active pharmaceutical Ingredients, Fine Chemicals & Intermediates.


The company seeks, builds and thrives on long term Business relations only.  Uncompromising Professional attitudes in each and every aspect of Manufacturing and supplies, have brought BPPL to its present dominant position in the Bulk Drugs and Fine chemicals Industries.

THE GUIDING FORCE  : The Promoter Mr.Jagdish Parikh is a Post Graduate in Organic Chemistry (Synthetic Drugs and Pharmaceuticals) with over 25 years experience in various highly reputed companies, in Manufacturing, Quality Control and R & D dept.  The team consists Post Graduates and Graduates and Chemical Engineers with an experience of 15 / 20 years in their respective field, including Marketing.


VISION  : To become a respected company in Pharmaceutical Industry, known for its technical capabilities, cGMP commitments, Total Quality Management (TQM) concept and deliveries. The vision is to grow and expand and venture into a Contract Manufacturing and Marketing  of a variety of Life Saving Bulk Drugs & Industrial Chemicals with consistent quality with as low impurities profile” as possible. 



The mission is to apply scientific approach to Each and every aspect of manufacturing    & supplies, by effective participation in Technical discussion with Product and Materials   Managers thereby to attain leadership in the product ventured.


*     Consistency in quality; 

*     Prompt and scheduled deliveries; 

*     Effective and Efficient communication skill; 

*     Complete and Perfect Documentation;


*     Effective Participation in Technical discussion with Materials an

       Production dept. for their changing needs;




*  Do not act as mere "Supplier" but as "in-house problem-solver"

    (of the client)


*  Do not give "Just a product" but a product that performs to “Individual   



 *  Do not believe in resting on your laurels, but constantly identify new business       opportunities and prepare to march ahead into the future. 

*   Growth comes through vitalization of both, the people and the  




       * Contract manufacturing.

       * Export of APIs and Pharmacopoeial fine chemicals

       * Importing Basic fine chemicals and distributing.


       * Representing overseas manufacturers to market their products in India.


       * This Manufacturing Facilities of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients   

         (Expectorants) (Guaifenesin) are as per the cGMP and certified as  

          per  ISO 9001  :  2000,  certified by TUV.

Our Products :


1.      SORBIC ACID : FCC V / E 202  (Food Preservative)           (E 202 : As per European Standards also)          (White, fine crystalline, Free flowing)          Packing : 25 Kgs. Carton / Box.    2.      POTASSIUM SORBATE : FCC V / E 200 (Food Preservative)          (E 200 : As per European Standards also)          (Whitish Granular, Free Flowing )          Packing : 25 Kgs. Carton.              (5 KGS. PACKING ALSO OFFER) Along with our regular products :  1.     E.D.T.A. DI POTASSIUM (LR/AR/ACS/GR/FCC)  (25 KGS)2.     INOSITOL FCC IV / LR/AR  (10 /25 KGS )3.     E.D.T.A. DI SODIUM (LR/AR/ACS/GR / FCC) (25 KGS BAGS).4.     CHROMIUM PICOLINATE / POLYNICOTINATE (1 KG. / 5 KGS.)5.     ZINC PICOLINATE (5 KGS . / 25 KGS.) 6.     NISIN AND NATAMYCIN (Most effective Food Preservatives)         (500 gms. / 1000 gms./ 5 Kgs. / 10 Kgs.) 7.     SUCRALOSE (1000 gms. / 5 Kgs. / 10 Kgs.) (Food Sweeteners) 8.     ASPARTAME FCC VI / USP’32 / NF’27  (Food Sweeteners)        (25 Kgs. Hard Carton / 1.0 Kg Aluminium Foil pack ) 9.     ACESULFAME – K (FCC V / BP / EP)   (Food Sweeteners)

        (1000 Gms. / 25 KGs.)





Products Grades

Mol. Wt.CAS No.
1.E.D.T.A. ACID (Anhy.)(Edetic Acid)   LR GradeAR GradeB.P. / E.P.U.S.P.292.2460 – 00 – 4   
2.E.D.T.A. DI SOIDUM (Anhy.)(Di Sod. Edetate)    --336.21139 – 33 – 3
3.E.D.T.A. DI SODIUM (Dihydrate)(Di Sod. Edetate) LR GradeAR GradeB.P. / E.P.U.S.P.J.P.372.246381 – 92 – 6
4.E.D.T.A. TRISODIUM (Monohydrate) Pure 376.21      ---
5.E.D.T.A. TETRA SODIUM(Anhydrous) (Edetate Sodium) LR GradeAR GradeB.P. / E.P.U.S.P.380.2064 – 02 – 8
6.E.D.T.A. TETRA SODIUM(Dihydrate) LR GradeAR GradeB.P. / E.P.U.S.P.416.2010378 – 23 – 1
7.E.D.T.A. TETRA SODIUM (Trihydrate) Pure434.2067401 – 50 – 7
8.E.D.T.A. TETRA SODIUM (Tetrahydrate) Pure452.2013235 – 36 – 4
9.E.D.T.A. CALCIUM DI SODIUM(Dihydrate)(Edetate Calcium Di Sodium) LR GradeAR GradeB.P. / E.P.U.S.P.410.1323411-34-9
10.EDETATE DI POTASSIUM(Dihydrate) LR GradeAR Grade404.4525102 – 12 – 9
11.EDETATE TETRA POTASSIUM  LR GradeAR Grade480.455964 – 35 – 2

 Note  : The best quality products, ever produced in the world, with “Impurity A”, almost “NIL” / “Not detectable”.Residual Solvents as per U.S.P. / ICH Guidelines.   


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Last update of this entry: September 15, 2010

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