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registry of biomedical companies

  June 17, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Dimera Incorporated

2420 NE 61st Ave
United States of America, Oregon

Phone: 503 295 2775
Fax: 503 295 2757


Founded by a world-renowned, award-winning academic
research scientist in 1997, Dimera has been acknowledged
by NIH by multiple Phase II Small Business Innovative
Research (SBIR) grants and other federal grant funding.
Dimera discoveries have created a new drug platform for
unmet cardiovascular (CV) needs, especially for
angina pectoris (AP) symptoms of heart disease in women.

Dimera patents address treatment, prevention,
and diagnostics based on suppression of a key
target gene in the coronary artery wall.  The result is
major reduction in the incidence of AP, even in women
for whom even combinations of other drugs are unsatisfactory.

Previously unrecognized functional (blood vessel reactivity)--
in addition to known structural (plaques and clots) malady
discoveries--are a significant breakthrough in CV medicine. 
With these major discoveries, Dimera plans to license 
this inventive treatment modality using DP9 transdermal progesterone cream and patches to treat angina pectoris.

Dimera correctly predicted (5 years before the outcome of
the Women's Health Initiative) that progesterone, the
endogenous human hormone, plays an important role in
reducing  risk in menopausal women. DP9 was developed to
address this need, and has advanced through the rigorous
FDA approval process.  Dimera has achieved proof-of-concept,
now independently confirmed, and secured highly consistent
pilot phase III human randomized clinical trial data.

Dimera holds 4 patents covering CV uses of progesterone. 
Dimera has FDA approval and all requisites for defined marketing
trials with 1) Special Protocol Assessment (SPA), 2) Chemical
Manufacturing Controls (CMC), and 3) clinical investigators
selected who have identified and screened highly motivated
women for top quality andomized, controlled trials. 

These Phase III clinical trials for treatment of AP may begin
as early as the next quarter after securing capital; the 6-month trials are the last step needed to secure FDA New Drug Application (NDA) marketing approval, allowing DP9 launch.

The anticipated patient pool for an FDA-approved prescription drug to treat angina pectoris as a symptom of heart disease now exceeds 3.2 million U.S. women, a >$1 billion annual market in the U.S. alone.

Dimera has discovered and developed this gene expression strategy successfully solving unmet needs important in CV dysfunction.  By addressing the CV co-morbidity of aging at the gene level--rather than 

merely addressing purely symptomatic relief--Dimera provides a truly
innovative drug development platform built upon multiple rapidly
emerging, exciting insights into the cell and molecular biology
of the blood vessel wall.

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