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registry of biomedical companies

  July 22, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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Phone: +91 79 22748046
Fax: +91 79 22748046


we are reputed manufacturer of various size of auot clave , Steam Sterilizer from labotratory use to Industria use

ETO Sterilizer, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Double Cone Blender. Ribbon BLender, Reaction Vessel, Dairy Equipment,  Sigma Mixer

Steam Sterilizer :

Salient features :

  • S.S. 316 chamber with C.S. or S.S. 304 jacket.
  • Radial or sliding type specially designed doors.
  • Doors with special locking and sealing system.
  • Sturdy tubular mounting for insulation.
  • S.S. 304 outer cover for insulation.
  • S.S. 304 / S.S. 316 piping with specially Tri-cover end connector for the equipment.

Special :

  • Improved temperature uniformity inside the chamber reducing heat losses due to radiation.
  • Prevents simultaneous door opening at a time when process is "ON"
  • Self locking safety for doors can't open under pressure.

ABF steam sterilizers are designed for best possible adaptation to the customers needs, and the regulations laid down for pharmaceutical products to meet c GMP norms.

ABF offers maximum reliability in view of material quality, operations, and performance of the equipment. The steam sterilizers can be operated using external steam or with built in steam generators depending upon the availability of the steam. Different cycles can be selected depending upon the product to be sterilized.

Standard Sizes

Rectangular Type

WHD Steam consumption   KG / Cycle Electric Load  KW


Standard Sizes
Cylindrical Type
ØLSteam consumption KG / Cycle

Electric Load  KW



Standard Steam Sterilizer :

Standard sterilization cycle is well known in pharma industries, Hospital, R & D centers. The technique uses gravity air removal method for better penetration and distribution of steam. Working pressure : 1.21 kg/sq.cms and working temperature : 12 deg. Centigrade.

Applications :

  • Solutions in glass containers like ampoules, vials, glass bottles etc.
  • Empty glass utensils, vessels, instruments etc.
  • Laboratory and hospital sterilization.

H.P.H.V. Steam sterilizer :

The technique uses mechanical air removal using vacuum pump, which removes air from the chamber at the maximum, thus eliminating chances of creating air pockets with better temp. Uniformity. Good penetration of steam in porous products from where air removal is difficult. The drying of product which has been sterilized, can be ensured by vacuum drying at the end of ster hold time.


Applications :

Drying of vessels, machine parts and rubber bungs.
Porous material like garments, fabrics, etc. Sterilization of bulk powders.

Loading Accessories :

Carriages : 
The design is made suitable for better steam penetration and uniform distribution of temp with optimum space utilization. The design also ensures easy cleaning for better hygiene.

Trolleys : 
Specially designed floor trolleys for transferring carriages in different work areas which are safe in handling with less operator fatigue.

Process Control :

  • ABF sterilizers are equipped with specially designed control system which are non micro processor controlled but in combination with timers, digital temperature indicators, controllers.
  • More advance PLC controlled systems are also available.
  • Process documentation can be ensured using records, printers, with printous of process parameter and scanners.

ETO Sterilizer

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Last update of this entry: September 27, 2023

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