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registry of biomedical companies

  March 29, 2023
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Tulip Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Tulip House, Danapith,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Phone: +91-278-2426766
Fax: +91-278-2426819
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


We are one of the leading manufacturers and Exporter of Specialty chemicals and Intermediate compounds for API's and Fine Chemicals in India with ISO 9001-2008 certification. We mainly expertise in Halogenations. We are the largest manufacturer of PHOSPHORUS TRIBROMIDE, PHOSPHORUS OXYBROMIDE and ALLYL BROMIDE in the country and export these products.

A List of our major products is shown bellow for your kind reference. Apart from these we also undertake many custom synthesis products. To know more about our capacity and products, please visit our website http://www.tulipchemicals.com.

1.     Phosphorus Tribromide [CAS NO.: 7789-60-8]                      

2.     Phosphorus Oxybromide  [CAS NO.: 7789-59-5]                   

3.     Allyl Bromide [CAS NO.: 106-95-6]                                         

4.     Aluminum Bromide [CAS NO.: 7727-15-3]                            

5.     Isobutyl Bromide [CAS NO.: 78-77-3]                                

6.     1,2-Dibromo Ethane [CAS NO.: 106-93-4] 

7.     1:3 Dibromo Propane [CAS NO.: 109-64-8]                            

8.     1:6 Dibromo Hexane [CAS NO.: 629-03-8]                             

9.     1-Bromo octane (N – Octyl Bromide) [CAS NO.: 111-83-1]                                  

10.   1-Bromo hexane (N-Hexyl Bromide) [CAS NO.: 111-25-1]   

11.   1-Bromo heptane (N-Heptyl Bromide) [CAS NO.: 629-04-9] 

12.   Iso Pentyl Bromide (Iso Amyl Bromide) [CAS NO.: 107-82-4]

13.   1-Bromo pentane (N-Amyl Bromide) [CAS NO.: 110-53-2]  

14.   2-Bromo butane (Sec-Butyl Bromide) [CAS NO.: 100-39-0]


We request you to keep a record of our above mentioned products and give us your inquiry as and when the actual requirement arises.

We assure you of our best and consistent quality, In-time delivery and Most competitive prices all the time.  


Thanks & Best Regards,

Hitesh Kapashi



Tulip Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. [An ISO 9001-2015 certified Company]

Tulip House, Near Sihor Nagarik Bank, Danapith,

Bhavnagar - 364 001, Gujarat, India.

Tel: +91-278-2426766 / 3014466

Fax: +91-278-2426819 / 2567620

E-mail: hpk@tulipchemicals.com; tulipchem@bsnl.in; tulipchem@yahoo.co.in

Visit Us: http://www.tulipchemicals.com


Mr. Ravin Dave
Tel : +416-831-9394

E-mail: rdave@tulipchemicals.com; ravinhdave@yahoo.com


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Last update of this entry: August 25, 2021

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