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registry of biomedical companies

  July 16, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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6725 Mesa Ridge Road
San Diego 92121
United States of America, California

Phone: 858 824 9000
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VIRAPUR is a virus production, assay and purification company. Our expert virologists have years of experience in producing and purifying Influenza viruses, adenovirus, AAV,  retroviruses and many other human and animal viruses. We provide ready to go kits as well as custom virus services to meet your research needs.
Custom Services
Virapur offers custom virus production,purification and assay services to meet your needs. Our quality systems will support use of our viral materials for GLP applications. Let our expert virologists take your infected cell extract and produce high titer purified virus usable in all your experiments. We provide services for adenovirus, lentivirus, AAV, rhinovirus, hepatitis, influenza, baculovirus and many other Human and animal viruses. Accelerate your research efforts; let Virapur produce your essential viral reagents.

Purification Kits
To simplify virus purification in your laboratory, Virapur is pleased to offer the following kits. The AAV Serotype 2 or 5 Purification Kit utilizes size and charge to purify AAV to high purity and titer.  The Mini Adenovirus kit makes it easy to purify virus from small volumes of infected cell lysate such as bioreactor samples or from dozens of individual isolates. The Standard Adenovirus kit allows purification at a larger scale.

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Last update of this entry: September 20, 2011

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