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registry of biomedical companies

  April 15, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Modern Surgicals

Delhi, 110092

Phone: 0091-9311154222, 9213636148
Fax: 0091-11-47470799


The complete management of Modern Surgicals(MSC) is committed to maintain a close working relationship and an open line of communication with each and every customer.
We are always trying our best to provide you the best service and envoirnment to do bussiness.

Presently, the company is supplying its range of products all over world including Indian major Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Schools, Medical Colleges and Dealers.
We stands with the professional management, a commitment to quality & customer satisfaction and an experience of almost four decades in the field of surgicals and scientific.
These are the main products in which we deal, as mention below:
Dissecting Sets & Instruments
Stethoscopes ( Different Types)
Percussion Hammers
B.P Apparatus ( Mercurial & Dial type )
Surgical Instruments
Dissecting Forceps (Plain, Tonsil, Mcindose, Addison)
Scissors (Dressing, Mayo, Metzumbum, Bandage, Epistomy, Suture, Umbilical & Tailor)
Scalpels Bistouries & B.P Handles
Artery Forceps (Masquito, Kocher, Tonsil, Sinus)
Tissue & Tower Forceps (Allice Tissue, Lane Tissue, Bab Cock, Towel)
Needle Holders (Mayo, Bozeman, Gillies)
Midwifery & Gynae Instruments
Midwifery Forceps Low, Wringly, K N Dass, Barnes, Keiland, Utress Holding, Sponge, Vellusullum, ovem, Tenaculam, Green Armitage, Utrine Forcep, Curettes, Utrine & Flushing Graduated Sound, Wall Retractor, D & C Sets, Dialator Set, M.T.P Set, Vaginal Speculum Cusco & Sim's, I,U.C.D Hook, Suction Cannula, Female Catheter, Cannula, Utrine & R.T
Retractors - Doyen & Moris, Langenback, Czerney, Bladder, Kelley's, Pozzy, Balfour, Roux, Double & Single Hook, Mostoid, Wolkman, Deaver, Penile Clamp
Abdominal Instruments - (Gall Bladder, Desjarden, Intestinal Clamp, Pyer's Clamp, Stone Holding, Hysterectomy Clamp Gwillian, Main Got, Heaney's Double Serration Myomoctomy Clamp
Rectal & Urethal Instruments - Rectal Speculum, Rectal Dialator, Bladder Sound, Urethal Dilators, Male & Female Catheter
General Instruments - Director Tongue Tie, Ear Probe, Medicine Spatula, Cheatle, Forceps, Bull Dog Clamp, Biopsy Punch, Magil Forceps, Lahey's Forceps, Mixture, Forceps, Trocar & Cannula, Instruments Hanger
Amputation & Post Mortem Instruments - Post Mortem Set, Amputation Saw, Mallet, Chisel, Finger Saw, Cartilage Knife
Plaster Cutting Instruments - Plaster Knife, Plaster Saw, Plaster Scissor, Plaster Shear, Spreader
Harnia Instruments - Harnia Director, Ring Forcep, Pile Forceps, Pile Gun
Bone Instruments - Bone Cutter Single & Double Action, Bone Nibbler Single & Double Action, Bone Holding Forceps Gigily Saw Handle & Wire Bone Chisel, Osteotomes Bone Gouges, Rib Shear, Bone Mallet, Bone Scoop
Veterinary Instruments - Burdizzo, Castractors Whelping Forceps Teat Syphon & Knife, Bull Nose Ring, Teat Scissor, Teat Extractor, Tooth Cutter, Tooth Rasp, Mouth Gang, Teat Dilator, Viginal Speculum Catheter, Metal, Drenching, Bottels, Docking Machine, Ear Tag, A.I Gun, Dehorning Machine, Veterining Gloves and Disposable Gloves, Sheath
Stainless Steel Wares - S.S Tray With Cover Kidney Trays, Catheter Tray, Dressing Jar, Bedpan, Lotion Bowl, Basin Dressing Drum, Sterilizers Autoclaves.
Acrylic Items - Formalin Chamber, Oxygen Hood, Cidex Tray, Baby Bassinet, Infanto Meter
Disposable Clothing - Face Mask, Caps, Apron Shoe Cover, Gloves, Sheets, Gown & Suits
Lab Coat Gown & Suit
Laboratory Items

Surgical Blades & Handle
Bunsen Burner
Bosshead Clamp
Pinch Clip
Magnetic Compass
Test Tube Holders
Spatula with Handle
Micro Spatula
Beaker & Flask Tong
Crucible Tong
Retort Clamp
Stop Clock
Microscope Slides
Watch Glass
Rubber Stoppers Blood Cells Counter (Manual)
Spring for Wave Demo
Spring Balance
Mackintosh Sheeting
Enema Products
Pipette Filter Bulbs - 3 Way
Hot Water Bottles
Surgical / Laboratory Rubber
Chloroform Bellows
Cover Slips (Glasses)
Slide Box

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Last update of this entry: October 24, 2023

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