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registry of biomedical companies

  July 16, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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400 Applewood Crescent, Unit 100
Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 0C3

Phone: +1-416-549-8030
Fax: +1-866-881-9921
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



OTAVA Ltd. (aka OTAVAchemicals, est. 1997), a science-based company, offers more than 300,000 compounds for high-throughput screening, including >350 target-focused libraries of compounds (targeted on Protein Kinases, Proteases, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Epigenetic Targets, and others) as well as libraries of Fragments, Lead-like, Drug-like, and CNS compounds that are designed using a proprietary OTAVA Drug Design Approach (ODDA™). To satisfy the demand for novel screening compounds, OTAVA offers a collection of over 1 billion Tangible Screening Compounds (with a delivery time of 4-6 weeks). As a separate line of products, more than 35,000 advanced and diverse Chemical Building Blocks are available for prompt delivery. As an essential addition to this in-stock collection, about 5,000,000 new Virtual Chemical Building Blocks could be synthesized and delivered within 6-12 weeks for diversity-oriented syntheses.


OTAVA is an acknowledged leader in providing:

  • Synthesis of high-quality small organic compounds for HTS, chemical building blocks, and intermediates
  • Full range of custom synthesis and hit-to-lead optimization services
  • Rational design of inhibitors of protein kinases and other drug targets
  • Wide selection of target-focused libraries, design on request option
  • Molecular modeling/computational chemistry services
  • Development of novel fluorescent probes


Created in partnership with BioSolveIT, our synthesis-on-demand chemical space CHEMRIYA™ contains over 12 billion accessible on-demand molecules based on 35,000 building blocks and over 350 in-house reactions. Several multi-component and ring-closure reactions provide a vast chemical diversity with a broad range of molecular scaffolds.CHEMRIYA™ is a result of over 25 years of experience and in-house knowledge of synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry, historically accumulated by an expert team of scientists. Operated by an ultra-fast search algorithm, CHEMRIYA™ allows you to investigate untapped areas of tangible molecules.

This vast pool of opportunities can be explored with BioSolveIT's Chemical Space navigation platform infiniSee. With utmost precision, infiniSee finds those compounds that are similar to a query molecule, scanning billions of possibilities within seconds.


Acknowledging the growing importance of digital data in the modern scientific process, OTAVA offers a wide range of Computer-Aided Drug Discovery services:

        Molecular docking and reverse molecular docking;

        Pharmacophore modeling and reverse pharmacophore modeling;

        Prediction of compound activity using machine learning (QSAR, artificial neural networks, and Bayesian modeling);

        Virtual high-throughput screening and design of targeted compound libraries with high affinity to the molecular targets;

        Structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis and hit optimization using in-house facilities;

        In silico ADME predictions;

        Computational studies of drug-receptor, protein-protein, nucleic acids-protein, and other interactions;

        Molecular dynamics of proteins, nucleic acids, extra-large heterogeneous systems;

        Accurate prediction of binding energy.

OTAVA helps researchers around the world develop advanced solutions for a variety of research projects, and our company is involved in the development of leading compounds at any stage of the R&D process, starting from target identification to lead optimization.

We support all stages of a drug discovery process:

        Recognizing target (from gene sequence to 3D structure);

        Identifying and analyzing binding sites;

        Molecular docking, pharmacophore modeling;

        Preparing targeted libraries and providing compounds for screenings;

        Hit optimization with OTAVA's custom synthesis services;

        Structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis

AI-ODDA™ platform is based on deep neural networks and our technology utilizes a statistical approach that extracts insights from available experimental data to predict the structures of small molecules with potential activity against explored molecular targets. This powerful approach helps chemists to pursue hit discovery and lead optimization with high accuracy.

Using our 300,000+ compounds collection and available software, we improve the outcome of screening projects, from lead identification to chemical syntheses and optimization of the active compounds.


OTAVA's advantage as a partnering organization to achieve the expected results of the project:

        Our team has more than 25 years of well-documented experience in the area of drug discovery, chemical synthesis, and structural bioinformatics;

        Our specialists are using a proprietary molecular modeling platform, AI-ODDA™;

        We examine and perfect all our algorithms utilizing real experimental data, which are continuously generated in our drug discovery projects;

        We are able to expand and take any project by having a core team of scientists in Canada and an outstanding pool of contractors that are ready to perform the most challenging tasks.


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Last update of this entry: January 30, 2024

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