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registry of biomedical companies

  June 22, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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Guangxi Changzhou Natural Products Development Co., Ltd.

No.17 West 2nd Lane Shunfeng Street, Dashatian Eco
Nanning, 530219

Phone: +86-771-4506480
Fax: +86-771-4506481

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Dear Sir or Madam,

Guangxi Changzhou Natural Products Development Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized high-tech company located in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi Province and one of the coastal opening cities at south of China.
As a largest Asian manufacturer specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Series extract products, we are able to supply clients top quality herbal extract products which have been exporting to Korea, Japan, America and Europe market at competitive price.

Please find our new product list as mentioned below:
1. Centella Asiatica Extract:
1) Asiaticoside 5%---90%
2) Madecassoside 95%
3) Asiatic acid 95%
4) Madecassic acid 95%
5) Gotu Kola P.E.(Total Triterpenes) 5%---90%
6) Centella Triterpenic Genines 95% (Asiatic & Madecassic acid 95%)
7) Centella Selected Triterpenes (Asiaticoside 30%, Free genines 40%)
8) Centella Selected Triterpenes (Asiaticoside 36--44%, Free genines 56--64%)
2. Notoginseng Extract:
1) Notoginseng Leaf Triterpenes (Ginsengcoside Rb3)
2) Notoginseng Triterpenes (Ginsengcoside Rb1, Rg1 and Sanchi R1)
3. Mucuna Extract:
1) Mucuna P.E.10%---40%
2) Levodopa 99% (BP2000)
4. Sophora root P.E.
1) Matrine 98%
2) Total Matrines 60%---90%
5. Danshen Root P.E.
1) Cryptotanshinone 10%---90%
2) Total Tanshinones 10%---90%
6. Baicalin 85%
7. Puerarin 97%
8. Curcumin 95%
9. Artemisinin 99%
10. Capsaicin 5%---50%
11. Mangiferin 60%---90%
12. Egg Yolk Lecithin 30%
13. Ursolic acid 25%---90%
14. Camptothecine 95%---98%
15. Soybean Isoflavone 20%---40%
16. Guava Leaf P.E.10:1 (Flavone)
17. Papain (50-3500 thousands/gram)
18. Bilberry P.E. (Anthocyanosides 25%)
19. Sour Orange P.E.(Synephrine10%--30%)
20. Grape seed P.E.(Proanthocyanidins 95%)
21. Fenugreek P.E. (1-4-hydroxyisoleucine20%)
22. Momordica Grosvenori P.E. (Mogrosides 80%)
23. Ginkgo Biloba P.E.(Flavones24%//Lactone6%)
24. Gymnema Sylvestre P.E.(Gymnemic acid 25%)
25. HoneySuchle Flowers Extract (Chlorogenic acid 25%)
26. Green Tea Extract (Polyphenols,Catechins,EGCG,Caffein)
27. Chitosan
28. Hirudin

We could also provide the above-mentioned products in other specifications which clients required. More detailed technical informations please visit our website:
www.changzhou-centella.com. If any futher question you meet, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Ms.Jane Huang

Guangxi Changzhou Natural Products Development Co., Ltd.
Add: No.17 West 2nd Lane Shunfeng Street, Dashatian Economic Exploitation Zone, Nanning, Guangxi 530219, China
Tel: +86-771-4506480
Fax: +86-771-4506481
Mobile: +86-13978691845
E-mail: market@changzhou-centella.com
MSN: jhuang_forever@hotmail.com

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Last update of this entry: August 09, 2005

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