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registry of biomedical companies

  April 20, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Nesserlander Str. 92
D-26723 Emden

Phone: +49 (4921) 99-33-6 -0


PharmaInformatic is a German biotech company, which provides ADME/Tox Knowledge Bases and predictive tools (Expert Systems) to improve drug discovery and development. The company was founded in 2004 by Dr. Wolfgang Boomgaarden and is based in Emden, Germany. PharmaInformatic has developed PACT-F, the largest and most annotated knowledge base on bioavailability of drugs worldwide.


Knowledge Bases:

PACT-F (Preclinical And Clinical Trials Knowledge Base on Bioavailability) contains experimental bioavailability results of clinical trials in humans and preclinical trials in animals. The results and conditions of those trials have been taken manually from reliable scientific publications. PACT-F contains the knowledge from more than 5000 scientific research articles related to bioavailability.

The development of PACT-F commenced in 2005. PACT-F is now the largest knowledge base on bioavailability worldwide. It contains 8296 records, which are extensively annotated: up to 17 fields describe in detail the results and conditions of a trial.

Every record contains the investigated chemical structure. This enables scientists to build relationships between structures and properties and to select drug candidates with sufficient oral bioavailability for human clinical trials. The knowledge base has been used to develop models which estimate oral bioavailability in humans much more precisely than animal trials.

PACT-F is the fundamental knowledge base to analyse the factors and conditions which influence bioavailability. It provides scientists with the results and knowledge of 100 years of bioavailability research in order to improve future drug design and drug development.

The expert system IMPACT-F which calculates oral bioavailability of novel drug candidates is based of the knowledge of PACT-F.



For further information on oral bioavailability of blockbuster drugs in humans and animals, see



 Plasma Protein Binding Prediction of small molecules

PharmaInformatic has developed a large and comprehensive annotated knowledge base on Plasma Protein Binding of compounds. It now contains more than 17.000 data records taken from more than 2.400 scientific publications.

The technology improves toxicity assessment of compounds and discovery of new drugs. A current validation study showed a high quality of prediction (more).


Expert Systems:

PharmaInformatic´s expert systems help to identify and prioritise promising drug candidates for clinical trials in humans. Our products select compounds which display a high probability of becoming a successful drug:

Prediction of oral bioavailability in humans


The expert system IMPACT-F predicts the oral bioavailability of novel drugs in humans. The calculation is based on reliable computational models, which have been derived from the largest knowledge base on bioavailability worldwide (PACT-F).

It is easy to use, it requires no chemical synthesis or animal experiments, it is much more reliable and cheaper than animal trials and results are almost immediately available. 

IMPACT-F calculates human oral bioavailability much more precisely compared to animal trials. Bioavailability predictions of IMPACT-F were as accurate as the common deviation between individual humans taking part in the same clinical trial.


Read current research results on bioavailability of drugs:


Further information:www.pharmainformatic.com/html/products.html


PharmaInformatic, Friesenstr. 36, 26721 Emden, Germany

Further information: www.pharmainformatic.com

Keywords: PACT-F, Oral Bioavailability, ADME/Tox, Drug Discovery, ChemInformatics, Compound Selection, Lead Prioritisation, Blockbuster Drugs, Top selling drugs

Selection of drug candidates for clinical trials in humans: IMPACT-F


Lead Optimization and selection of a drug-candidate


Read current Press Release:
Artificial Intelligence optimizes discovery of future drugs (pdf)


Unsere Forschung und Technologie ersetzt Tierversuche.


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Last update of this entry: June 18, 2023

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