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registry of biomedical companies

  September 28, 2023
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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23 Alexandra Matrosova Street
01103 KIEV

Phone: +38 044 537 32 18
Fax: +38 044 537 32 53

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Enamine Ltd (est. 1992) is a privately held Eastern-European contract research organization operating worldwide in the field of medicinal chemistry, fine organic synthesis and related discovery services. Enamine supplies a wide range of products for drug discovery from the world’s largest commercial collection of compounds for HTS and the world's largest catalog of fine chemicals for organic synthesis (Building Blocks). The company provides fully integrated solutions for early drug development: custom synthesis, lead generation and optimization programs. 


Screening Collection of Enamine consists of more than 1,700,000 low molecular weight organic compounds. The collection proved to be a valuable source of exclusive drug-like compounds, with over 1 million items satisfying Lipinski’s rule-of-five. These compounds have been produced by application of original synthetic techniques developed in-house. We offer prompt re-supply and re-synthesis of compounds from our collection.

A number of Targeted Libraries derived from Screening Collection using in silico screening are available. Enamine also supplies libraries for fragment-based drug design of different size, featuring over 400 original core heterocyclic fragments.

Screening compounds undergo total quality control by LC/MS and NMR, assuring at least 90% purity of our products. Various formatiing options are available.


Screening compounds are produced by Enamine within validated chemistry space created through the rigorous selection of reactions and the appropriate building blocks in numerous tests. REAL Database is the pool of chemical structures reflecting major part of chemical space immediately accessible to Enamine via use-proven reactions involving stock building blocks. Customers are encouraged to make selection from over 15 million highly feasible structures for subsequent synthesis. Synthetic capacity exceeds 20,000 compounds per month with feasibility rate at least 65%. Prices for compounds from REAL Database are fixed and comparable to regular stock prices, hence compounds selected from this database can be considered as available “in-stock tomorrow”. 


The design of novel regents for fine organic synthesis (Building Blocks) is based on the expertise of Enamine team and its scientific partners in chemistry of heterocyclic compounds, fluorine-, sulfur- and other element-organic derivatives. Enamine has elaborated a stock of over 44,000 original building blocks fitting different needs of medicinal chemists. Compounds are characterized by low molecular weight, various heterocyclic cores, wide range of functional groups and unique structural patterns. Enamine is capable to scale up synthesis of our building blocks to multi-kilogram quantity. Usually building blocks are supplied in fixed batches in 0.5-25g range. Thorough quality control with LC/MS, NMR, elemental analysis and Karl Fischer titration for water content control guarantees purity over 95%.
Besides items supplied from stock Enamine offers compounds from the database of feasible building blocks developed in collaboration with UORSY for synthesis upon request. These building blocks have fixed prices and can be provided with an average lead time of 6 weeks. The database contains over 4 million structures, mostly having single reactive group, molecular weight under 300 and cLogP under 3.


Custom synthesis belongs to one of the prioritized directions of Enamine development. Our well-equipped laboratories, highly qualified personnel and vast scientific background enable us to challenge different custom synthesis tasks in mg/g/kg scale. Custom Synthesis programs can be developed either on 'project-by-project' or FTE basis. Chemists of Enamine deliver detailed biweekly reports with expected delivery dates. Expertise of Enamine covers the most important areas of chemistry involved in modern drug discovery, including general organic and heterocyclic chemistry, chemistry of organoelemental compounds, asymmetric synthesis using chiral auxiliary, catalysis, and resolution techniques. Enamine FTE rate is one of the most competitive in the Eastern Europe.  


Visit our web-site www.enamine.net to find out more about Enamine services and products. Customers can browse database of screening compounds and building blocks on-line, search compounds, check current stock availability and instantly place order at our e-shop www.enaminestore.com. Registered users can download current databases for off-line use.

At Enamine, we are committed to providing life science industries with a full spectrum of hit-to-lead discovery services. Our competitive pricing policy, top-level customer support and highest quality standards make Enamine an ideal partner for your outsourcing needs.



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