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registry of biomedical companies

  May 20, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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78 Winston Churchill Street
02094 Kyiv

Phone: +38 044 537 32 18
Fax: +38 044 537 32 53


Enamine Ltd, founded in 1991, is a privately held contract research organisation based in Ukraine. Enamine is a leading global provider of Screening Compounds, Building Blocks, and Fragments to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, drug discovery centres, academic institutions, and other research organisations worldwide.

The company supports complex medicinal chemistry programmes by providing the following chemical services: custom synthesis, compound library design, hit follow up support, and support for lead optimization. To complement chemical services, Enamine is investing heavily in expanding its biology services, which now include a wide range of reliable bioanalytical services, molecular screening programs and other biological studies. The company also has several stock facilities in the USA and Europe and it works through authorized representatives in Asian region.


Screening Collection of Enamine consists of more than 4 119 816 low molecular weight organic compounds. Screening compounds are a critical element in our mission of expanding the chemical space available for Drug Discovery. Synthesized in our labs, they are the first samples of billions of compounds that we can make. Each of them can give rise to thousands of analogs, making the navigation of Drug Discovery projects with our compounds confident and comfortable.

Structure-wise Screening Collection consists of 5 non-overlapping parts. While HTS, Legacy, Advanced, and Premium Collections can be widely recommended for most HTS programs, Functional Collection contains compounds mostly designed for specific applications. 

The compounds are available in multi-milligram amounts, typically 50-150 mg, sufficient for a fast re-supply of the hits. There is also an opportunity to keep your library at Enamine and have its copies delivered on demand to the screening labs of your choice.

All Enamine compounds undergo rigorous quality control with LCMS and/or 1H NMR to meet the standard of at least 90% purity. Highly pure samples (95%, 97%) can be obtained via additional HPLC purification at an extra charge. We can also run additional bespoke analytics on demand, including 13C, 19F, 31P, 2D, and 3D NMR experiments. 


The REAL Space comprises 38B make-on-demand molecules and is currently the largest offer of commercially available compounds. The REAL compounds in the Space are assembled via more than 167 well-validated parallel synthesis protocols applied to over 143 000 qualified reagents and building blocks. 

The REAL Space is not an enumerated database in a general sense: all search results are generated on the fly if they possess the same features as the query. The Space is currently accessible via InfiniSee. InfiniSee is a chemoinformatics software developed jointly with BioSolveIT. InfiniSee vast resource allows for efficient hit exploration: from finding previously unknown analogs to scaffold hopping. 

Amazingly, but chemical space of 38B compounds is stored in an archive of merely a few hundred megabytes, and the average search time on a standard computer is between 2 and 4 minutes. 

You can download and try InfiniSee


The REAL Database is one of the ways to explore the REAL Compounds. It is a classical database of enumerated structures. The database is a tool to find new hit molecules using large-scale virtual screening and to search for analogs of your hit molecules. The REAL Database is accessible as SMILES, SDF, and it is searchable on EnamineStore.

The current release of the REAL database comprises over 6B molecules which comply with Ro5 and Veber criteria: MW≤500, SlogP≤5, HBA≤10, HBD≤5, RotBonds≤10, and TPSA≤140.


Enamine designs, develops and synthesizes chemical reagents, scaffolds and intermediates widely known as building blocks. They are convenient for using in medicinal chemistry and synthesis of combinatorial compound libraries.

Our catalog currently contains 1 237 006 building blocks including 300 000 compounds in stock, which can be delivered within 1-7 days from our global logistics centers in the USA and Europe, and via our official distributors in Asia and Oceania. Compounds are characterized by low molecular weight, various heterocyclic cores, wide range of functional groups and unique structural patterns. All of our chemical building blocks undergo extensive quality control by NMR and LC-MS, and purity is guaranteed to be over 95%. To date, Enamine collection is the largest and most abundant single source of medchem building blocks in the world.

MADE Building Blocks

The jointly acquired broad experience now allows us to offer 770M MADE (MAke-on-DEmand) Building Blocks. Prices are assigned to each compound proving solid scientific basis and assuring our confidence in their synthesis. It is by far the world’s largest and most comprehensive catalog of all commercially available building blocks with less than 20 effective heavy atoms (not counting protecting groups)! Most of the compounds are novel, not available through other suppliers or other global aggregate platforms. MADE Building Blocks include such popular in medicinal chemistry compound classes as primary and secondary amines, sulfonyl chlorides, boronic acids, carboxylic acids, alkynes, azides, etc.

Every month, our chemists synthesize around 1 700 new MADE Building Blocks on our customers’ orders. The synthesis typically takes 2-6 weeks and has > 76% success rate. You can conveniently make an online substructure or similarity search for novel, previously unseen compounds at our partner Chemspace website, the only online resource having the comprehensive and most up-to-date collection of MADE Building Blocks.

The MADE Building Blocks are also marketed under brands of FCH Group, and Intermed Chemicals, and UORSY. 


Enamine offers world class service in chemical synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds on the milligram to kilogram scale at competitive price. 

Our In-House Synthetic Chemistry Services 

  • Multistep organic synthesis
  • Asymmetric synthesis using chiral auxiliary, catalysis, and resolution techniques
  • Synthesis of organoelemental compounds
  • Metal-mediated reactions
  • Hydrogenation
  • Toxic chemistry
  • Peptide synthesis  

How we proceed with your request

The task is evaluated within a few days to provide you with a quote complemented by a synthetic scheme. The quote is calculated on the basis of the current FTE rate. We deliver detailed biweekly reports with expected delivery dates. IP-sensitive projects are treated under the confidentiality agreement. 


To discover more about the services and products offered by Enamine, we invite you to visit our website at https://enamine.net/. Customers can browse database of screening compounds and building blocks on-line, search compounds, check current stock availability and instantly place order at our e-shop https://new.enaminestore.com/. Registered users can download current databases for off-line use.

At Enamine, we are committed to providing life science industries with a full spectrum of hit-to-lead discovery services. Our competitive pricing policy, top-level customer support and highest quality standards make Enamine an ideal partner for your outsourcing needs.

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Last update of this entry: October 30, 2023

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