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registry of biomedical companies

  May 28, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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DNA Genotek Inc.

2 Beaverbrook Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 1L1
Toll free: North America 1.866.813.6354

Phone: 1.613.723.5757
Fax: 1.613.723.5057

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The easiest way to collect large amounts of DNA or RNA from Saliva

DNA Genotek is focused on improving sample collection. The company's lead product is the Oragene/self-collection kit; an all-in-one system for the collection, preservation, transportation and purification of DNA from saliva. The Oragene•RNA for Expression Analysis Self-Collection Kit is the only all-in-one system for the collection, stabilization and transportation of high quality mRNA from saliva.  research.

Oragene Product Features:

  • Median DNA yield of 110 ug
  • High molecular weight > 23 kb
  • Rapid purification
  • Saliva kept stable at room temperature for years
  • Non-invasiveness increases compliance
  • Reliable for self-administered collection
  • Used by hundreds of laboratories worldwide
  • Some geographic restrictions may apply.

     OMNIgene•DISCOVER Features & Benefits

    The OMNIgene•DISCOVER sample collection kit provides an all-in-one collection kit for the collection and stabilization of microbial DNA from saliva.

    • Painless, non-invasive collection of high quality DNA
    • Ideal for field collection and ambient temperature transportation and long-term storage
    • Increase efficiency, minimize sample handling and reduce handling errors with a compatible format for high throughput processingImprove user experience and compliance with painless, non-invasive sample collection
    • Increase efficiency, minimize sample handling and reduce handling errors with a compatible format for high throughput processing
    • Sample remains stable for a year at ambient temperature, reducing transportation and storage cost and complexity

    OMNIgene•DISCOVER is for research use only (RUO).

    Performagene Features & Benefits

    • Collect high quality, high quantity DNA (average 24.2 µg) to allow multiply assays from a single sample, eliminating the need to recollect
    • Reliable and easy-to-use by cattlemen from unrestrained animals in any collection environment; in the field or in the barn
    • Efficient sample preparation with the option of DNA purification or "Quick to PCR" processing significantly reduces overall cost
    • Collection kit is barcoded for integration into animal identification systems
    • Sample can be mailed using the standard postal system – no special shipping or handling is required
    • Decrease cost and complexity of sample transport, management and storage with stability at room temperature for 1 year
    • Increase efficiency, minimize sample handling and reduce handling errors with integration into automated systems
    • Very low bacterial content resulting in fewer failed samples
    • Proven performance on a range of downstream applications, including SNP genotyping, microarray and microsattelite

    prepIT DNA preparation products

    The critical step in genetic analysis and testing is the extraction of DNA from collected samples. Maximize the recovery of DNA from your Oragene and ORAcollect samples with the prepIT DNA extraction kit.

    • Optimized chemistry for maximum recovery of DNA from oral samples collected with Oragene and ORAcollect product lines
    • Proven to provide consistent results with high molecular weight, high quality DNA
    • Scalable purification method for large or small sample volumes
    • Higher DNA recovery than column based methods
    • DNA suitable for a wide range of downstream applications including microarray, PCR, sequencing and banking
    • Convenient workflow with complete technical support from collection through extraction
    • Cost effective method requires minimal equipment

    GenoFIND Genomic Services

    DNA Genotek knows saliva collection and how valuable your samples are to your success. Any one sample you have collected could unlock the key for understanding a disease or a treatment that will have a lifelong health impact.

    Years of working closely with our customers have allowed us to develop a unique understanding of needs and challenges surrounding outsourcing sample extraction and analysis. DNA Genotek now offers GenoFIND™, a complete suite of genomic services designed to combine our passion for customer service with the best saliva sample expertise available.

    Superior support

    • One-on-one determination of needs and customization of service offerings
    • Clear, ongoing communication of timelines and feedback so that you are
      always informed

    Superior analysis

    • DNA Genotek knows saliva – optimized extraction of saliva samples for even the most stringent downstream applications to ensure you maximize the value of your sample
    • Customized assay development and analysis available in a CLIA and CAP certified environment

    Superior reporting

    • Data delivered in a clear and easy to interpret format for geneticists and non-geneticists
    • Clear reporting enables you to spend time using the data, not trying to interpret it

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    Last update of this entry: March 22, 2013

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