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registry of biomedical companies

  April 15, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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TC Instruments Surgical Co.

Toll free: 0092-321-6106778

Phone: 92-52-8104698, 3555698
Fax: 92-52-3562514

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Tc Instruments Surgical Co. is manufacture & supplier of Surgical, Dental, Manicure Instruments, Scissors and accessories to Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centres, Distributors, Wholesalers throughout the world. We specialists of TC Instruments. Tc Instruments Surgical Co. is providing innovative products and services at very reasonable and competitive prices.

High Quality Surgical Instruments

Including all types of:

Catheter Forceps Laryngoscopes Head Mirrors
Measuring Instruments Hammers (Mallets) Biopsy Curettes
Biopsy Forceps Ovum Curettes Uterine Scoops
Uterine Curettes Amputating Saws Bone Holding Forceps
Rongeur Forceps Cutting Forceps Bone Curettes
Chisels & Gouges Bone Drills Bone Files
Bone Levers Elevators Flat Nose Pliers
Periosteal Raspatories Wire Cutting Pliers Bulldog Clamps
Hemostatic Forceps Cardiovascular Fcps. Pediatric Clamps
Tissue Forceps Bone & Rib Shears Bronchus Forceps
Grasping Forceps Spatulas Tissue & Organ Holding Fcps.
Vascular Dilators Eye Forceps Iris Forceps
Retractors Dressing Forceps Dissecting Forceps
Micro Forceps Artery Forceps Ligature Forceps
Kidney Forceps Polypus & Ovum Forceps Towel Forceps
Catheter Introducers Gall Stone Forceps Vaginal Specula
Intestinal Forceps Stomach Forceps Nasal Specula
Nasal Forceps Disc Ronguers Micro Instruments
Mouth Gags Tongue Depressors Ear Forceps
Knives (all types) Scalpel Handles Abdominal Retractors
Self Retaining Retrac. Bandage Scissors Clothing Scissors
Delicate Scissors Dissecting Scissors Episiotomy Scissors
Gynecological Scissor Ligature Scissors Micro Scissors
Neuro Scissors Operating Scissors Gum Scissors
Tonsil & Nasal Scissors TC Insert Scissors Umbilical Scissors
Vessel Scissors Needle Holders Needle Holders (TC)
Suture Instruments Containers Sterilizing Drums
Instrument Trays Instrument Boxes Sterilizing Racks
Tonsil Instruments

Surgical Specialities

Anaesthesia & Diagnostics / Biopsy / Bone Surgery (Orthopedic)/ Cardiovascular /
Eye / Forceps / Gall Bladder & Kidney / Gynecology & Obstetrics / Intestines, Stomach & Rectum / Nasal (Rhinology) / Neuro Surgery / Oral (Dental) / Otology (Ear) / Probes, Scalpels & Applicators / Retractors / Scissors / Suture / Sterilization & Containers/ Tonsil /Chiropody / Podiatry


Please contact us for more information:-
Abdul Rauf,
Export Manager.

T.C. Instruments Surgical Co.,
P.O. Box 845, Barlas Street,
Pacca Garha, Kashmir Road,
Sialkot - P A K I S T A N.
Ph: +92-52-3555698, 8104698
Cell: +92-321-6106778
Fax: +92-52-3562514
E-mail: info@tcinst.com

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Last update of this entry: August 22, 2007

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