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registry of biomedical companies

  April 20, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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GenScript Corporation

120 Centennial Ave., Suite 105
Piscataway, NJ 08854
United States of America, New Jersey
Toll free: 1-877-436-7274

Phone: 1-732-885-9188 1-732-885-9688
Fax: 1-732-210-0262 1-732-885-5878

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GenScript is the world leader in biotechnology reagent service industry. Established in 2002 in New Jersey, United States, the company was the first to commercialize gene synthesis and successfully establish fully integrated capabilities for custom peptide synthesis, protein expression and engineering, custom antibody development and engineering, animal model development, in vitro/in vivo pharmacology as well as a variety of catalogue products, industrial enzymes and microbial reagents.

 about genscript

After almost two decades of fast growth in developing biological reagents, the company has expanded its business into immunotherapy, CDMO, laboratory equipment, and microbial industry to further fulfill its mission in making people and nature healthier through biotechnology. For example, GenScript’s subsidiary company, Legend Biotech, has accumulated a series of pipelines for immunotherapy, of which the leading CAR-T product (LCAR-B38M for multiple myeloma) has received IND clearance from both FDA and CFDA. GenScript has also established open and innovative technology-driven platforms and GMP facilities for pre-clinical drugs discovery and pharmaceutical products development along with a completed industrial microbial research, development and industrialization platform for enzyme screening, genetic engineering, protein engineering, and fermentation process optimization and research application.


Main Areas of Services and Products


Life Sciences Research Services 


 Life Sciences Research Catalog Products


 1、 Preclinical Drug Development Services



1、 Industrial Synthetic Biology Products 

 Since the first day, GenScript believed that "human and science engines" were the driving forces of its business. That is why among its 2600+ employees, by now there are more than 800 with masters or Ph.D. degrees. This percentage is even higher than 90% in R&D and commercial teams. These powerful engines have enabled GenScript to develop and use the latest discoveries and technologies for establishing its fully integrated platforms towards generating industry-leading, highly customizable reagents for diverse applications.

GenScript's dedication to innovation and quality, with outstanding products and quality services, excellent reputation, and a comprehensive portfolio of patents and trade secrets in synthetic biology, chemicals synthesis, protein and antibody engineering, immunotherapy and bioinformatics, GenScript has created a leading edge in the industry as well as close relationships with investors, such as KPCB, Shipston Group, China Resources and BALLOCH. Has helped to establish strong partnerships with customers in over 60 countries. GenScript’s current client list includes all of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. However, its technological achievements are complemented by its customer service. Every project, irrespective of size, gets top treatment at GenScript.

Moving strongly into the future, GenScript continues to strive for its vision as the most reliable biotech company in the world to make people and nature healthier.

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Last update of this entry: August 20, 2019

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