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  June 21, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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Fermenta Biotech Limited

DIL Complex, Ghodbunder Road
Thane (W), 400610

Phone: +91-22-67980888/800
Fax: +91-22-67980899

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Fermenta Biotech Ltd (FBL), incepted under the auspices of Duphar Interfran Ltd (now known as DIL Ltd.), is the brainchild of late Mr. Vasant Kumar Datla.Established in 1986, FBL pioneered the manufacture of Penicillin G Amidase enzyme in India; it emerged as the leader in enzyme technologies for β-lactams synthesis.

FBL now manufactures Vitamin D3 (the only manufacturer in India and among the top few manufacturers in the world) and constantly looks for value addition. FBL manufactures cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) for further applications in global pharmaceutical, food, veterinary and feed industries; cholecalciferol solutions for use in human food supplements; Vitamin D3 resins in oil and Vitamin D3 500 feed grades for use in animal feed supplements; and activated dimethicone powder for antiflatulent use.

FBL provides customized environmental biotech solutions through consultancy, supply of suitable biotech products and services in three segments – sewage treatment plant (STP), lake and pond remediation and oil remediation.

Today FBL has become a multifaceted organization with a high degree of focus on research, development and product delivery in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and environmental solutions.

Product Overview


Vitamin D3 40 MIU (Crystalline Form)

Food / Pharma:

Vitamin D3 1 MIU / gm in Corn Oil / MCT oil/ Arachis Oil

Vitamin D3 4 MIU / gm in Corn Oil / MCT oil/ Arachis Oil


Vitamin D3 5,00, 000 IU Powder

Vitamin D3 resin 2 MIU in Soyabean Oil

Vitamin D3 resin 4 MIU in Soyabean Oil

Vitamin D3 resin 5 MIU in Soyabean Oil

Vitamin D3 resin 10 MIU in Sunflower Oil

Vitamin D3 resin 15 MIU in Soyabean Oil

Vitamin D3 2,00, 000 IU Powder

Phenyramidol Hcl

Phenyramidol Film coated Tablets

Silicone Powder

Bioproducts - Enzymes 

  • Acylases
  • Cephalosporin Acyl hydrolases
  • Proteases
  • Lipases
  • Fermase® PA 850i is used in the production of 6-APA
  • Cephalosporin intermediates like 7-ADCA / 7-AVCA
  • Chiral chemistry applications in pharmaceuticals
  • Simple, efficient, environmentally safer enzyme mediated processes
  • DILBEADS™ can also be custom designed to suit a particular enzyme

DIL complex, Ghodbunder Road,
Thane west
Ph: +91-22-67980888
Fax: +91-22-67980899
Email: info@fermentabiotech.com
URL: www.fermentabiotech.com

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Last update of this entry: November 13, 2018

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