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registry of biomedical companies

  June 21, 2018
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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P.O.Box 2633
Champlain, NY 12919 USA
United States of America, New York
Toll free: (800) 518-0364

Phone: (450)-973-9420
Fax: (450)-973-6373


Cryogenic liquid nitrogen labels: Cryogenic labels for liquid nitrogen storage and labels for freezers. Temperature range from -196°C to +120°C. We manufacture and provide cryo labels for laser and thermal-transfer printers barcode printers. These extremely durable cryogenic barcode labels for liquid nitrogen and freezers are waterproof and can withstand direct contact with liquid nitrogen as well as storage in vapor phase liquid nitrogen, storage in -80ºC freezers, dry ice, multiple freeze-thaw cycles. We the largest selection of cryo labels in the world.
Xylene resistant labels for barcode printers: solvent resistant slide labels for microscope slide staining. The printed ink and the labels are resistant to xylene, hexane, toluene, alcohol, ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, IPA,  acetone, and other solvants and chemicals. We have the largest selection of xylene-resistant labels in the world and can custom-made according to specifications. 
Xylene-resistant transparent labels for barcode printers: Transparent xylene resistant cryogenic labels for identification of vials, slides and other containers. These clear labels for xylene resistant applications are ideal for labeling containers that come in contact with solvents such as xylene, toluene, alcohol, acetone and other chemicals.
Cryogenic Xylene resistant Labels for ink jet printers: Xylene resistant cryogenic labels for printing in roll format color inkjet printers. These waterproof liquid nitrogen labels are designed to accept printing from color inkjet printers, barcode printers (thermal-transfer printers), writing ball-point pen, gel-ink pen, pensil, stamping with regular ink, withstand direct contact with liquid nitrogen, storage in -80ºC freezers. Designed for identification of cryo vials, tubes, boxes, plastic bags and other cryogenic containers.
Labels for Parrafin Blocs: 
water-resistant labels designed to stick to parrafin blocks for histology cassets. Xylene-resistant, solvent-resistant labels for paraffin blocks.
Frozen vial Labels: We provide cryogenic labels for frozen vials. These CryoSTUCK™ labels can stick to frozen vials freshly removed from freezer or liquid nitrogen. They can be used for relabeling of frozen vials or covering up the existing labels on the frozen vial Cryo-CoverTAG™.

Cryogenic Straw-Labels: for identification of IVF straws and complete straw identification system (printer, siftware, scanner & Straw-Tag™labels) are available.
Autoclave resistant labels: We provide autoclave resistant labels for laser printers and autoclave labels for barcode printers. These autoclavable labels can withstand autoclaving at +130ºC and try heat upto +150ºC. We have permanent and removable autoclave labels.

Label for PCR Tube Stripe Labels: Cryogeni labels for high profile PCR tube stripes. 

Tamper Evident Cryogenic labels for vials and other containers ideal for tamper evident seal of cryo vials. These labels specially designed to make the vials and other containers tamper evident and can be used for liquid nitrogen and freezer storage.
Cryogenic Label Printing Kits: We provide various types of printing kits that come with printers, scanners, software, labels, ribbons and accessories. We also provide cryogenic DYMO label printing kits which include DyMO cryo labels and a DYMO printer.
Clinical Trial Label Printing services: We provide label printing services for clinical studies including serial number printing, barcode printing as well as printing of color logos and graphics, compliance labels, warning labels and other signage and informational labels.
Alcohol-resistant permanent markers: alcohol-proof permanent markers and cryogenic water-proof cryomarkers.
Tape dispensers: metal frame tape dispensers for lab tapes in multiple sizes.
Cryo Laminating tapes: for laminating labels or information inside dewar cryogeni tanks and freezers
Cryo Tapes for cryogenic containers and for Frozen containers
Label printing software: Software for creating barcodes, serial numbers, and other information from database and Excel sheets for cryogenic labels in sheet and roll formats.

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