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registry of biomedical companies

  January 17, 2018
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
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Proteome Factory AG

D-12489 Berlin

Phone: ++49 30 20616265
Fax: ++49 30 20616267


Company objectives
Proteome Factory AG offers contract research and fee-for-service analyses in the field of protein analysis, analysis and characterization of biosimilars and therapeutic/recombinant proteins, proteome analysis (proteomics), protein identification characterization, protein sequencing (N-terminal, internal sequencing and sequencing of complete proteins).

Proteome Factory AG offers and develops new technologies for high throughput differential proteome analysis.


Contract research service / fee-for-service:

- Proteomics (gel-based and gel-free approaches):

  • Protein analysis and characterization of therapeutic and recombinant proteins and peptides
  • Biomarker discovery and identification
  • Biomarker profile discovery and identification
  • Protein and peptide target discovery and identification
  • Identification of regulated proteins and protein species
  • Optimization of fermentation processes
  • Optimization of plant breeding
  • Pharmaco proteomics
  • Identification of vaccine candidates
  • Immuo proteomics
  • Phospho proteomics
  • Membrane proteomics

Technology plattform:
- high resolution mass spectrometry / nanoLC-MS

- high resolution 2D electrophoresis 23x30cm, 40x30 cm (separation of up to 10000 protein spots)
- 2DLC-ESI-MSMS (label free, ITRAQ, MeCAT)
- depletion of high abundant plasma/CSF proteins by affinity depletion
- prefractionation (e.g. phospho proteins, membrane proteins)
- Blue native PAGE / SDS-PAGE etc.



- Identification, sequencing and characterization of proteins, biosimilars and biobetters

  • protein ID by nanoLC-ESI-MSMS of individual or low complex protein samples
  • protein ID by MALDI-TOFTOF-MS of individual proteins
  • MudPIT (multi dimensional protein identification technique) of complex protein samples
  • analysis of phosphorylation sites
  • analysis of glycosilation sites
  • analysis of PTMs (post-translational modification)
  • analysis of deamidation and oxidation, lysine clipping etc.
  • AA sequening by mass spectrometry


- Protein sequencing

  • N-terminal protein sequencing
  • N-terminal peptide sequencing
  • Internal protein sequencing
  • Sequencing of complete proteins by combination of mass spectrometry, N-terminal sequencing and HPLC fractionation of proteolytic peptides generated by protein cleavage with several proteases/chemicals


- Analysis and Quality Control of protein and peptide samples etc.

  • Analysis, identification and characterization of products and batches
  • Analysis of the composition of complex protein mixtures (protein display)
  • Comparison of the composition of complex protein mixtures (e.g. product comparison)
  • Analysis of protein and peptide stability
  • Analysis of the pharmacokinetic of protein and peptides, e.g. antibodies
  • Assistance for optimisation of fermentation and production by protein analysis


- Kits:
  • MeCAT (metal coded tagging) multiplex kit for proteomics and absolute quantification of proteins and peptides by ICP-MS
  • Breakable DPAGE kit for 2DE and SDS-PAGE (DPAGE allows the dissolving of PAGE after protein separation)
  • FireSilver kit - high sensitive silver staining kit, highly compatible with protein ID by MS
  • FireRuth protein fluorescent staining solution, ready-to-use
  • FirePhospho-protein enrichment kit (coming soon)
- Proteomics Automatisation:
  • spotXpress- HTS spotpicking robot (up to 800 spot/hour)
  • spotDigest 96 - sample preparation robot for protein identification of protein spots cut by spotXpress

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Last update of this entry: July 27, 2016

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