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registry of biomedical companies

  May 27, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Rudower Chaussee 5 - Geb. 13.9
12489 Berlin, Germany

Phone: + 49 30 6392-6205
Fax: + 49 30 6392-6206

Please notice: This entry hasn't been updated by the submitting company for more than 2 years. It could be possible that this company doesn't longer exists.


BIOPRACT is an innovative biotech company located in the WISTA techno-scientific campus at Berlin-Adlershof, one of the most dynamic developmental locations in Germany.
BIOPRACT runs continuously own laboratories at this campus and leases on request biotech plants in Germany and abroad for developmental and productional purposes.
BIOPRACT staff is highly motivated, trained and experienced in biotech development and production.

BIOPRACT offers:

Cellulolytic enzyme complexes of the CelluPract® Series
Use: feed, textile, alcohol, juice, sludge

( -Amylo/ -Glucano/Proteo)lytic enzyme complexes of the AmyloPract® Series
Use: alcohol, beer, feed, textile

Background-Free Enzymes (Cellulase, Xylanase, Lichenase)
Use: analysis and diagnosis

Active microbial cultures immobilized on coal products of the BioCoal® Series
Use: in situ, on-site and off site bioremediation of soil as well as ground- and surface water with organic contamination (mineral oils, PAH, BTX, TNT)

Construction and operation of air-lift operated wells in contaminated soil according to the BioLift® - Process
Use: in situ-bioremediation of soil and groundwater with organic contamination (mineral oils, PAH, BTEX, TNT)

Activation of natural monooxygenase producing microorganisms in con taminated soil and groundwater according to the Methane- Biostimulation-ProcessUS(DOE)-lic.
Use: in situ-bioremediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with (chlorinated) volatile organic compounds

Fructooligosaccharides of the ß-2,6 Type,
Fructosylated Natural and Synthetic Compounds (see description below)

Technical / Environmental:
Thermostable Enzymes of Cellulolytic and Xylanolytic Type,
Application of cellulolytic enzymes in the treatment of sludge
BioFence® - Process: artificially aerated barriers with adsorptive and degradative power for in situ-purification of flowing groundwater (passive remediation technology)

The BIOPRACT staff is ready to share its experience in developing microbial and enzymatic production processes.
as the Biotechnology Transfer Agency for the New Bundeslaender (see corresponding leaflet) BIOPRACT is able to establish connections to more than 200 small and middle-sized biotech-related companies.

Last update of this entry: before October 1999.

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