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registry of biomedical companies

  August 17, 2017
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Anami Organics

Shroff Street
Killa Pardi, 396 125, Gujarat,
Toll free: Mobil. 0091-98251-19855

Phone: 0091-260 - 2373359
Fax: 0091-260-2373167

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Biggest Manufacturers of Aromatic Nitriles function compounds.

Products  Manufactured  by  us :-            

Product  Name                                              CAS No. 

o-Chloro  Benzonitrile                                          873-32-5 

p-Chloro  Benzonitrile                                          623-03-0 

m-Chloro Benzonitrile                                          766-84-7

o-Bromo  Benzonitrile                                          2042-37-7

p-Bromo  Benzonitrile                                          623-00-7

m-Bromo Benzonitrile                                          6952-59-6

o-Fluoro  Benzonitrile                                          394-47-8

p-Fluoro  Benzonitrile                                          1194-02-1

m-Fluoro Benzonitrile                                          403-54-3

o-Iodo Benzonitrile                                               4387-36-4

p-Iodo Benzonitrile                                               3058-39-7

p-Iodobenzyl Bromide                                           16004-15-2 

m-Iodo Benzonitrile                                               69113-59-3

o-Methoxy Benzonitrile                                        6609-56-9

p-Methoxy Benzonitrile                                        874-90-8

m-Methoxy Benzonitrile                                       1527-89-5

o-Ethoxy Benzonitrile                                            6609-57-0

p-Ethoxy Benzonitrile                                            25117-74-2

p-Cyanobenzyl Bromide                                        17201-43-3
4-(Bromomethyl) Benzonitrile                          

o-Cyanobenzyl Bromide                                        22115-41-9
2-(Bromomethyl) Benzonitrile

m-Cyanobenzyl Bromide                                       28188-41-2
3-(Bromomethyl) Benzonitrile

2,4-Dichlorobenzonitrile                                        6574-98-7

3,4-Dichlorobenzonitrile                                        6574-99-8

2,3-Dichlorobenzonitrile                                        6574-97-6

4-Tert Butylbenzonitrile                                        4210-32-6

o-Cyano Toluene  /  2-Tolunitrile                          529-19-1    

p-Cyano Toluene  /  4-Tolunitrile                          104-85-8    

m-Cyano Toluene  /  3-Tolunitrile                         620-22-4   

Benzonitrile                                                            100-47-0  

Benzanilide                                                             93-98-1

p-Phenyl Benzonitrile                                             2920-38-9

p-Bromobenzamide                                                698-67-9

o-Ethoxybenzamide                                                938-73-8

2-Methyl-5-Iodobenzonitrile                                  52107-68-3

2-Bromo-5-Methoxybenzonitrile                           138642-47-4

3-Methoxy-4-Methylbenzoic Acid Methyl Easter                  3556-83-0

* Derivatives of Nitriles are available on demand :   
   Benzylamine’s  -  Benzamidine HCL’s 
   Benzylbromide’s - Benzamides’s
   Benzoic Acid’s - Cyanopyridine’s
* Our all product samples are available for your R&D and Trial purpose.






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Last update of this entry: July 02, 2014

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