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  December 17, 2017
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HemoGenix Inc.

1485 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 152
Colorado Springs, 80907
United States of America, Colorado

Phone: 719-264-6250
Fax: 719-264-6253


HemoGenix® is a Contract Research and Development Company and supplier of an extensive line of Research Assay Kits. HemoGenix® is the leader in stem cell hemotoxicity toxicology, specializing in testing new drug candidates for their response on primitive cells of the blood-forming and mesenchymal stem cell systems.

Our contract services are focused on, but not limited to, drug discovery and development (from early screening to patient monitoring during clinical trials), xenobiotic testing and screening and assay development.

HemoGenix® has developed its own proprietary in vitro, cell-based assays platforms for these services, but in-house screening and testing using exactly the same assays can be performed by assay kit implementation. 

For hemotoxicity testing the HALO® Platform is available to detect and measure the response of agents on multiple stem and more mature proliferating cell populations from 5 different species (human, non-human primate, dog, rat and mouse) in a 96- or 384-well plate format. HALO® is a highly predictive in vitro assay platform that has been validated against the Registry of Cytotoxicity Prediction Model. It is therefore a validated cytotoxicity assay.

In addition, HALO® allow estimation of starting doses for animal studies and human clinical trials. Therefore, HALO® provides a unique and extremely powerful decision-making tool to predict toxicity and help in safety and risk assessment. To detect potential toxicity to Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), the system that produces the microenvironment for blood cell growth in addition to adipocytes, chondrocytes, muscle and nerve cells, HemoGenix® has developed LUMENESC-Tox, which is also available as a contract service or in 96- and 384-well plate assay kit formats. 

For other cell systems such as embryonic stem cells (ES cells), cell lines and explanted proliferating cell systems from multiple organs and tissues, HemoGenix® also developed LumiSTEM, which like HALO® and LUMENESC is also available as a service or in multiple well plate formats. Together, HALO®, LUMENESC and LumiSTEM constitute the ComparTOX Platform allowing the response of agents to be tested, ranked and directly compared simultaneously on more than 50 different cell types from 14 different cell systems using a single ATP-based bioluminescence readout.  All assay allow multiplexing so that procedures such as phenotypic analysis, gene expression analysis and mechanistic assays such as oxidative DNA damage using the HemoGenix® OxyFLOW Platform can be easily incorporated. In addition to its in vitro toxicity testing platforms, HemoGenix® produces assay kits for basic research and quality control and stem cell potency assays for stem cell transplantation and umbilical cord blood processing laboratories.

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