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January to April 1997





13/Apr/1997 | WWW Home Page | E-mail: ppohly@spidome.net

Pohly Net Guide - Toolbox for Health Managers and Administrators

A major gateway for executives and managers in health, biomedicine and medical industries. Jump from here to sources for medical research, industry news, policy and legislative information, regulatory issues and health economics.
A site worthy of your bookmark.

4/Apr/1997  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: licinio@nih.gov

Molecular Psychiatry

Dear colleagues in molecular genetics: I would like to inform you of of the launching of Molecular Psychiatry, published by Stockton Press, the publisher of Nature. This is their first publication in psychiatry/neuroscience. We are now in our second volume and are indexed in MEDLINE, Index Medicus, and Current Contents. We offer rigorous review, rapid publication and high visibility. Articles published in Molecular Psychiatry have been positively featured in The Lancet, Nature Genetics, Scientific American, New Scientist, Science News, Science Times, and other publications. We receive outstanding manuscripts, and have become one of the leading publications in our field. We are actively seeking high quality original research articles, particularly those in the area of human molecular genetics. All papers submitted to Molecular Psychiatry are reviewed within three weeks, and if accepted they are rapidly published. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that to ensure very fast publication of outstanding data we created a novel section, "Immediate Communications," for complete studies (neither preliminary results nor pilot data are acceptable for this section) of mexceptional significance, novelty and high merit. Those will be stringently reviewed within one week of submission, and are published within 3-8 weeks of receipt of manuscript in our office. This represents the fastest publication outlet in the field and should be ideal for data that need to be published right away. For further information, please contact me (Julio Licinio; e-mail address: licinio@nih.gov). Sincerely, Julio Licinio, M.D., Editor, Molecular Psychiatry 

3/Apr/1997 | WWW Home Page | E-mail: vajiradx@sri.lanka.net
Please visit the updated "Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects - Sri Lanka Collection"

Features at this site:

1)Bibliography of articles appearing in Sri Lankan Journals
on Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects going back over 100 years.

2)Nartional Twin Register Sri Lanka
All Information you need to know about the Register.

We welcome your comments about our site.


New WWW site announcement: Resources for Molecular Cytogenetics

The site includes:
- Partial Chromosome Paints (PCP) derived for somatic cell hybrids, with images. DNA samples from these hybrids are free available to non-profit Institutions.
- FISH data of about 450 YACs (from CEPH), with images.

16/Mar/1997 | WWW Home Page | E-mail: lvrebhan@bioinfo.weizmann.ac.il

Selected news articles related to the Human Genome Project (with a focus on
medical aspects) may be accessed at the new GeneCards Genome News Digest.

2/Mar/1997 | E-mail: pwinter@hookup.net

Canadian Biotech News

Just a quick note to let readers know that if they are interested in Canadian biotech we are making Canadian Biotech News (weekly frequency) available by e-mail.  Sample issues are available on request to me.


Peter Winter, Editor

15/Feb/1997  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: ED-MOLGEN@nic.surfnet.nl

[HUM-MOLGEN banner]


The Human Molecular Genetics Network is proud to announce that HUM-MOLGEN, its electronic mailing list, has just added its four thousandth subscriber. This electronic list, which is the primary worldwide means forelectronic exchange of information among researchers and others interested in human molecular genetics, now has subscribers from 64 different countries and more than 500 academic, commercial and government institutions.

In addition, HUM-MOLGEN's world wide web site will now be more easily accessible by North and South American users through the opening of a mirror site at the Sun workstation computer of the Rockefeller University in New York City. HUM-MOLGEN's current site hosted by the University of Rostock Germany has also been upgraded.

 The Human Molecular Genetics Network, which was founded by Dr. Arthur Bergen of the Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute in the Netherlands and Frank S. Zollmann of Rostock University two years ago, has experienced explosive growth in its mailing list, which at this time last year had 1700 subscribers. In addition, the world wide web site, which, among other achievements, is now the foremost source in the world for genetics-related job listings and the tables of contents of genetics journals, is presently hosting over 1,000 visitors a day. The network is run by a voluntary consortium of editors in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Singapore, and the United States.

"The truly amazing thing about HUM-MOLGEN," says Dr. Bergen, "is that a researcher or doctor anywhere in the world can virtually instantly ask for a consultation from thousands of possible sources. Just last week, we had a doctor from Belgium post an inquiry about the genetics of a rare disease and within a day we had responses from the U.S., Great Britain and Israel. Another inquiry from Brazil was responded to from Poland. And because most of our responses don't actually get posted to the entire mailing list, those are only the responses we know about."

 HUM-MOLGEN counts many of the best known researchers in the world among its subscribers. One of them, Dr. Victor McKusick of Johns Hopkins University and editor of Mendelian Inheritance in Man recently said of HUM-MOLGEN, "It is terrific, a very valuable service"

E-mail: HUM-MOLGEN@nic.surfnet.nl
WWW:    http://www.hum-molgen.de/

For further information please contact:

Dr. Arthur Bergen, Phone: 020-566-4598,     Fax: 020-691 6521     (the Netherlands); 
Hans Goerl,        Phone: (301)733-0800,    Fax: (301) 739-8020   (USA);  
Frank S. Zollmann, Phone: +49 30 8445-3901, Fax: +49 381 458-2005 (Germany).

15/Feb/1997 |WWW Home Page | E-mail: WYEE@aaas.org

[Next Wave image]    


Bioinformatics is arguably the "next big thing" to hit biology and computer science. The Next Wave site (www.nextwave.org) is following up last year's New Niche (on alternative careers) with specific information on the skills you need to be successful in this area. We ook at the skills that are in highest demand, career directions, and the future of this emerging field.

--- What Hiring Managers Want: Bioinformatics group leaders at Bayer, Millenium, TIGR, and Wyeth-Ayerst Research discuss the skills they value most.
--- Hot Skill Sets: Eight people with diverse industry and academia backgrounds discuss which skills they've needed most and how they acquired them. Career tips from bioinformatics researchers at SmithKline Beecham, Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Mercator Genetics, the Keck Center for Computational Biology, and more.
--- Past, Present, and Future: An overview on the field from a Canadian scientist and start-up company consultant.
--- Virtual Education: Bioinformatics skill-building classes and tools accessible on and off the Web.
--- What's Next: Predictions for the post-genomic era. Experts offer their educated guesses.

The URL for Science's Next Wave is www.nextwave.org. We encourage you and your peers and colleagues to visit the Next Wave site. If you would not like to receive e-mail notices about future Next Wave features which present career information for scientists, please let us know.

The Editors of
Science's Next Wave
E-mail: nextwave@aaas.org

15/Feb/1997 | WWW Home Page

[Collection on Molecular Medicine]   

A Collection of Recent Articles from the New England Journal of Medicine on Molecular Medicine is available on the web at no charge for a limited time.

15/Feb/1997 | WWW Home Page | E-mail: eric-rumsey@uiowa.edu


This is to announce an updated version of the Hardin Meta Directory web page for Oncology. All links have been checked to confirm connection and new links have been added, including the following (both of which are *major* new resources):

-Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer, Simon Cotterill, Univ Newcastle, UK

-MedMark - Oncology, I Shin, MedMark Team, Korea . [frames version]

A *new and important feature* for Hardin MD is that we are now using a link checker to check the connection rate for the lists that are included. Generally the lists with better connection rates are toward the top of their size category.

Of course, using our link checker, the links on our own pages have superlative connection rates, generally above 98%.

The URL for the Hardin Meta Directory Oncology page is - http://www.arcade.uiowa.edu/hardin-www/md-oncol.html

Please check it out and post this message to appropriate listservs.

Eric Rumsey
(Hardin Library for the Health Sciences)

15/Feb/1997  | WWW Home Page

[The Journal of Clinical Investigation]     

The full text versions of The Journal of Clinical Investigation and The Journal of Experimental Medicine (both published by the Rockefeller University Press) are now online.  


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