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press release / information
Wednesday January 13, 1999

SOM-MUT, a new initiative from HUM-MOLGEN

With the arrival of a new year, we are pleased to offer a new service to the genetics and clinical community. HUM-MOLGENhas developed a molecular diagnostic registry database (SOM-MUT) to offer on-line searches for laboratoriess offering molecular diagnostic tests for somatic mutations/alterations. This service is complementary and cross-linked to, but independent from, Helix (http://www.hslib.washington.edu/helix/), the registry for laboratories offering germ line mutations.

Please visit the general page of SOM-MUT


if you or your laboratory perform tests and are located in Europe or North America, take a moment to visit the data entry form ("New Lab Adhesion") and register the laboratory and the tests offered. If you experience problems in the registration process, please contact dr. Nenad Blau at blau@kispi.unizh.ch.

Finally we ask that you share this information with others at your institution, especially to those people who would be interested in searching the database and/or registering their laboratory and tests.


Carlo Gambacorti MD

Nenad Blau PhD

Monday January 27, 1997 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


The Human Molecular Genetics Network is proud to announce that HUM-MOLGEN, its electronic mailing list, has just added its four thousandth subscriber. This electronic list, which is the primary worldwide means for electronic exchange of information among researchers and others interested in human molecular genetics, now has subscribers from 64 different countries and more than 500 academic, commercial and government institutions.

In addition, HUM-MOLGEN's world wide web site will now be more easily accessible by North and South American users through the opening of a mirror site at the Sun workstation computer of the Rockefeller University in New York City. HUM-MOLGEN's current site hosted by the University of Rostock Germany has also been upgraded.

The Human Molecular Genetics Network, which was founded by Dr. Arthur Bergen of the Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute in the Netherlands and Frank S. Zollmann of Rostock University two years ago, has experienced explosive growth in its mailing list, which at this time last year had 1700 subscribers. In addition, the world wide web site, which, among other achievements, is now the foremost source in the world for genetics-related job listings and the tables of contents of genetics journals, is presently hosting over 1,000 visitors a day. The network is run by a voluntary consortium of editors in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Singapore, and the United States.

"The truly amazing thing about HUM-MOLGEN," says Dr. Bergen, "is that a researcher or doctor anywhere in the world can virtually instantly ask for a consultation from thousands of possible sources. Just last week, we had a doctor from Belgium post an inquiry about the genetics of a rare disease and within a day we had responses from the U.S., Great Britain and Israel. Another inquiry from Brazil was responded to from Poland. And because most of our responses don't actually get posted to the entire mailing list, those are only the responses we know about."

HUM-MOLGEN counts many of the best known researchers in the world among its subscribers. One of them, Dr. Victor McKusick of Johns Hopkins University and editor of Mendelian Inheritance in Man recently said of HUM-MOLGEN, "It is terrific, a very valuable service"

E-mail: HUM-MOLGEN@nic.surfnet.nl
WWW:    http://www.hum-molgen.de/

For further information please contact:

Dr. Arthur Bergen, Phone: 020-566-4598,     Fax: 020-691 6521     
(the Netherlands);

Hans Goerl,        Phone: (301)733-0800,     Fax: (301) 739-8020  

Frank S. Zollmann, Phone: +49 30 8445-3901, Fax: +49 381 458-2005


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