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Mastering RMPs and RMMs: Tech-driven solutions for patient safety

  June 11, 2024  
Xtalks, Online

Pharmacovigilance professionals in pharma and biotech face the continuous challenge of balancing patient safety with ensuring patient access to medicinal products. Risk management plans (RMPs) and risk minimisation measures (RMMs) play a critical role in enabling and maintaining a favourable benefit–risk ratio.

RMPs must be implemented within specific timelines and remain inspection-ready. However, as living documents, they require continual updates and adaptation to emerging risks, ongoing completion of pharmacovigilance activities and the seamless integration of RMMs.

Navigating these demands can be challenging, particularly within the constraints of local health systems and the expectations of healthcare professionals and their patients.

In this webinar, the attendees will get to learn about practical solutions and advanced technologies to enhance their ability to efficiently monitor and respond to risks, ensure regulatory compliance, improve decision-making and ultimately safeguard public health. They will also gain insights into:

How to adapt and apply RMPs effectively across diverse healthcare systems while addressing the needs of healthcare professionals and patients
How to leverage digital tools and platforms to enhance RMP monitoring and implementation
The key methods to measure and monitor RMP/RMM effectiveness
How pharmacovigilance leadership, EU Qualified Person Responsible for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) and Local Person for Pharmacovigilance (LPPV) can maintain appropriate oversight

Register for this webinar today for insights and knowledge that can help effectively navigate the digital transformation in pharmacovigilance.

Keywords: Drug Safety, Patient Safety, Pharmacovigilance, Risk-Based Monitoring, Risk Management, Regulatory, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Mitigation, Pharmaceutical Regulation, Safety Assessment, Toxicology/Safety
Organized by: Xtalks
Invited Speakers: Steve Bowers, Director, Pharmacovigilance & Safety Services, ICON
Rakan Bitar, Senior Director, Pharmacovigilance & Safety Services, ICON
Deadline for Abstracts: 2024-09-12
Registration: Free Registration
E-mail: tristan@xtalks.com
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