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Immuno UK: In Person

  January 05, 2023  
Oxford Global Conferences, Novotel London West
28th-29th March 2023

Day One

Track 1: Discovery & Development: Cell & Combination Therapies 

Track 2: Biomarkers & Precision Medicine In Immuno-Oncology

Track 3: Autoimmunity Mechanisms & Novel Treatments 


Day Two

Track 1: Discovery & Development: Intratumoral Immunotherapies & Antibody Therapies 

Track 2: Translational Development

Track 3: Preclinical & Clinicial Development

Organized by: Oxford Global Conferences
Invited Speakers:

• Jonny Finlay, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, LockBody Therapeutics, a Centessa Company

• Russell LaMontagne, President & Chief Executive Officer, Boston Immune Tech

• Shahram Lavasani, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ImmuneBiotech AB

• Angelica Loskog, Chief Executive Officer, Lokon Pharma AB

• Øystein Rekdal, Chief Executive Officer, Lytix Biopharma AS

• Brian Champion, Chief Scientific Officer, PsiOxus

• Orla Cunningham, Chief Scientific Officer, UltraHuman 8

• Karen Miller, Chief Scientific Officer, Ixaka

• Poul Sorensen, Chief Scientific Officer, Allero Therapeutics

• Michael Thiele, Chief Scientific Officer, OncoOne Research & Development GmbH

• Luca Cassetta, Vice President, Immunology, Macomics Ltd

• Tobias Speck, Vice President, Product Development, CanVirex

• Rob Roovers, Senior Director Preclinical Development, LAVA Therapeutics

• Patrick Fivey, Director, Precision Medicine Policy, AstraZeneca

• Gunnel Hallden, Director, Oncolytic Virotherapy, AstraZeneca

• Duncan Howie, Director of Immunology, EnaraBio

• Gray Kueberuwa, Director of Molecular Immunology Research, Instil Bio

• Yaara Ofir-Rosenfeld, Director of Translational Oncology, STORM Therapeutics

• Heide Stirnadel-Farrant, Group Director, Global Epidemiology - Oncology, AstraZeneca

• Colleen Winstead, Director of Immunology, Epitopea

• Stefan Zielonka, Director, Protein Engineering & Antibody Technologies, Merck KGaA

• Romain Daillère, Head of Preclinical Research, EverImmune

• Bruno Gomes, Head of Early Biomarker Development Oncology, Roche

• Matteo Cesaroni, Group Head Precision Oncology Bioinformatics, Sanofi

• Hélène Kaplon, Biomarker Strategy Leader, Servier

• Sophie Tourdot, Immunogenicity Sciences Lead, Pfizer

• Ann-Marie Broeske, Senior Principal Scientist, Biomarker & Experimental Medicine Leader, Roche

• Christian Garde, Principal Scientist, Bioinformatics, Evaxion Biotech

• Tanya Ponomaryov, Principal Scientist, Plasticell Ltd

• Monika Semmrich, Principal Scientist, BioInvent

• Thijs van Montfort, Senior Scientist, Gadeta

• Magdalena Niedzielska, Senior Scientist, MiNK Therapeutics

• Elizabeth Jury, Professor, University College London

• Markus Templin, Group Leader, Assay Development, Natural and Medical Sciences Institute 

Deadline for Abstracts: 1st March 2023
Registration: https://www.oxfordglobal.co.uk/immuno-series-uk/book-now/
E-mail: b.westmore@oxfordglobal.co.uk
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