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Beilstein Open Science Symposium - Transparent Data for Effective Research

  August 30, 2021  

Beilstein-Institut, Online
October 5 - 7, 2021

This symposium will address the many ways that data transparency contributes to the research progress. Attendees will learn from leaders in the FAIR and open data movements who are advocating for better practices in their fields and demonstrating their commitment in their own work.

Talks will present tools that can help researchers better handle and share data, and methods to combat common statistical abuses that undermine reliability and reproducibility. Key topics on the reproducible sharing of methods and code will also be covered, since both are essential for data to be made usable and transparent. 

A series of talks will also be presented by influential publishers, funders and others who are developing policies that incentivize and support data management and sharing. In addition, we will look at the essential services and infrastructure needed to support modern data-driven science, from repositories to high-performance computing, and the necessary role of international cooperation in maintaining these resources.

The symposium will cover a wide range of research fields, including biomedical research, physics and social science, and will also explore how open data practices are transforming sectors outside academia, like health care and journalism. 

More on the scientific program, please see here: https://www.beilstein-institut.de/en/symposia/open-science/program/


Organized by: Beilstein-Institut
Invited Speakers:

Philip E. Bourne / University of Virginia, USA

Melanie Courtot / European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK

Chuck Cook / Global Biodata Coalition

Ulrich Dirnagl / Charité Berlin

Matthias Egger / Swiss National Science Foundation, Bern, Switzerland

Stephen Eglen / University of Cambridge, UK

Emma Ganley / protocols.io, Berkeley, USA

Tricia Govindasamy / Code for Africa

Susan K. Gregurick / NIH, Bethesda, USA

Michael Hanke / Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

Heidi Imker / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Rachael Lammey / CrossRef, Oxford, UK

David Mellor / Center of Open Science, USA

Steffen Neumann / Leibniz Institute for Plant Biochemistry, Halle, Germany

John Overington / Medicines Discovery Catapult, UK

Sonja Pawlis-Herres / RWTH Aachen, Germany

Beth A. Plale / Indiana University Bloomington, USA

Rima-Maria Rahal / MPI for Research on Collective Goods

Toma Susi / University of Vienna, Austria

Stuart Taylor / The Royal Society, London, UK

Andrew Treloar / ARDC, Melbourne, Australia



Deadline for Abstracts: September 24, 2021

The conference registration fee is 50 Euro.

The registration fee should be paid by September 29, 2021.

More information: https://www.beilstein-institut.de/en/symposia/open-science/registration/

E-mail: ckettner@beilstein-institut.de
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